Koller: PSP-3000 Battery Life Decreased By 20-30 Minutes

Speaking in a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment America product marketing manager John Koller revealed that the battery life of the PSP-3000 will be decreased by 20-30 minutes, due to the larger power draw of the brighter screen.

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vitz33728d ago

So what's new? Just don't play it on max brightness all the time. Geez some people will try to find a negative with everything.

My laptop goes for 5 hours with max brightness 7 with lowest. Is that somehow a bad thing?

sonarus3728d ago

I really really hope psp 2000 gets price drops then i can just buy that one. My psp (original model) has a bad analog stick so thinking of just tossin custom firmware on it and just using it to play old school games like snes and ps1 e.t.c. then have another psp to play psp games

Tacki3728d ago

Sonarus you don't have a bad one... that's just its design. ;)

Seriously though, I may look into getting this new PSP for Christmas. Been eyeing a PSP for awhile but I'm still unsure if I want to invest the time or money right now into a handheld with all these other great games getting released on the consoles. Hmmm... I have a tough decision to make.

sonarus3728d ago

I used to travel a lot and handhelds are great when going on a trip. PSP has some pretty good games too. My analog stick doesn't work right anymore so all i can do is play with d-pad

Oner3727d ago

Spend $15 buy a new stick open the PSP and fix it yourself...easy.

Ju3727d ago

@sonarus. ^^ Just wanted to say the same. Order a stick for $15 bucks online, replace it. Done.

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Strife Lives3728d ago

And why arnt they puting a higher capacity battery in to compensate? Just plain stupid.Firstly,it was bs that they lowered the battery capacity in the they keep it the same ,but add a more power drawing screen?Lol that. .doesnt make sense.why not just revert back to the PSP 1000 batterys to compensate?

Jdoki3728d ago

Maybe in the magical land you live in everything is free, nothing costs extra to manufacture, no tough business decisions have to be made and everything is perfect.

Sure I'd like a longer lasting battery - but in the real world companies do stuff like research to find out the average time people spend playing on the handheld and use a battery that best fits.

In the real world compromises have to be made - if Sony were targetting weight reduction or hitting a specific cost to manufacture then the ideal solution may have not have been possible.

Perhaps in the real world, manufacturing and technology might mean a battery couldn't be produced that fitted the new form factor and also supplied enough juice.

Perhaps Sony wanted to actually make a profit ont he device...

So what makes no sense to you, may make perfect sense to Sony (or anyone who cares to actually think about what goes in to designing, manufacturing and selling a product).

JohnnyMann4203727d ago

I don't understand the hype behind the 3000.

I own the 2000 and upgraded from the 1000 for obvious reasons, but upgrading to the 3000 is stupid.

Wooooo .... brighter screen and woah... a Mic.

Where is the dual analog?

Where are the other two bumper buttons??

Doesn't Sony know that these two things (yup just those two) would make the PSP a must have for any PS3 owner???

Remote playing is worthless for two reasons.

The PSP doesn't have the same buttons and there is a time delay when remotely playing game.

If they could fix these two things, they would sell a million of these babies over night.

I don't know, why does this seem so obvious to everyone but Sony?

tuaamin133727d ago

If they added more buttons or another stick then it wouldn't be the PSP anymore. If anything they'd save that for the PSP2, since every game that came out supporting the new PSP3K wouldn't work on the PSP<3K.

Really all these things are are extra feature upgrades. You don't quite need them, so if you stuff works, more power to you. If you're in the market, you pick up the newest one with the added features.

In any case, I predict a large number of PSPs going on Craigslist and Ebay soon as people upgrade...

Strife Lives3727d ago

Long term,people wont like this.having a ten year cycle is great.but purposefully excluding what should be standard (Ds mic) and releasing a new PSP nearly every year would make consumers feel unsatisfied.the DS has that millions of units floating around,but,Nintendo knows that chances are,the majority are owned by different people.While its reaching a point,where the same people keep buying newer psps to upgrade.Developers wont support it the same as the DS for the reason that the numbers wont equal game sales.the PSP3000,for what its worth,isnt worth a new buy.I'll keep my money and spend it on a DECENT pSP game. Whenever one does hit in 2008.

DJ3727d ago

There are a TON of great games for the handheld. Wipeout Pulse, Crush, and Daxter are great places to start.

Ju3727d ago

Yeah, Nintendo might have millions of DS floating around, 50% possibly in garbage cans. Because they usually break every other year. I've bought 4 so far, and one used, makes it a total of 5. I admit, my PSP broke twice, two, but I fixed it both times myself.

DJ3727d ago

Especially since the screen performs so much better (never thought I'd say that).

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