Pokkén Tournament Outsells Street Fighter V on Consoles

Hardcore Gamer: Here is an interesting bit of news. Taking a look at some recent sales figures, console versions of Pokkén Tournament is currently outselling Street Fighter V. At this time, VGChartz has recording a difference of ten thousand copies between the two games with Street Fighter V on PS4 at 670,000 and Pokkén Tournament on Wii U at 680,000.

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ZeroToleranceX2759d ago

VGChartz? That's banned on Gaf. Gotta use NPD.

Dabigkahuna762759d ago

Would you have said anything if it was the other way around

naruga2759d ago

no matter what ..SF5 was nt good ..fairly Pokken had surpassed it in sales

darthv722758d ago

SFV should never have been exclusive to begin with and Capcom knows this. Now how do they make good on their word to Sony while making a version for XB1...? They need to find a way to recoup the $$ invested.

Phil322759d ago

To be fair, VGChartz is very very shady of a source to use. Fudged numbers, corrected numbers that are stealthily added in when true numbers come from a real source, etc.

Anyway, I'm sure Pokken Tournament has done this, though. There was a lot of talk in the GAF NPD thread.

divinealpha2759d ago

Yah right because it's seems no one has problems with v charts when it's comparing console or game sales of their choice

CarlosX3602759d ago

They do. I use it for "rough numbers" kind of thing. When NPD is slow, you fall back on VGChartz.

Segata2759d ago

gaf and vg are joke sites. Both should be banned period.

benji1012759d ago

Pokken outsold SF5 on NPD.

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aviator1892759d ago

While vgchartz is a good indicator for console sales even if it is off by 1-3 million sales at times when the numbers are adjusted, I think vgchartz has had a pretty poor track record when it comes to tracking actual game sales. It's all purely based off estimates. I really wish these publications and websites realized this so they'd stop publishing articles based off of vgchartz.

Dabigkahuna762759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

It's only poor tracking if it's not stating your console or Game is not on top Man yall gotta stop this madness please some of the things I be reading in the comment section be hilarious sometimes

aviator1892759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

I'm just stating that vgchartz is purely based on estimates and they've been known to be completely off on games in the past.
I'm mainly an xbox guy and street fighter 5 isn't even on xbox one so your argument against me is null.

Dabigkahuna762759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

But you wouldn't have said anything if it was the other way around just pay attention to similar stories and watch how people respond when it's not showing a particular console or its games

aviator1892759d ago

What "other way around??"
I don't have a Wii U nor do I own a PS4.

fatneal2758d ago

basically instead of giving props to nintendo/game freak for releasing a good game that out performed the number 1 fighting franchise in history with less than half the install base you choose to focus on how vgchatz has been unreliable at times in the past....thats the point @dabigkahuna76 was making...lets not play dumb and pretend that the hate nintendo gets doesnt come from everywhere literally...you have no dog in this "fight" yet still couldnt help but subtly discredit nintendo in an indirect way

aviator1892758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

If you go through my comment history, I have never ever discredited or spoken against nintendo on anything.
Heck, I barely even speak outside of xbox stuff.
My original comment was more about the credibility of vgchartz and professional sites' use of vgchartz rather than anything else. I don't have an agenda against nintendo (something that you're directly implying).
Are you to say that I have no voice when it comes to things that I don't own?? That I should have no opinion when it comes to questioning vgchartz tracking even when it's been documented how wrong the site has been with their guesses? And wouldn't you think that vgchartz's inaccuracy could possibly lend to the completely opposite outcome, considering that a small difference of 10,000 copies between the two games exists?
My comment applies to any vgchartz submission. The site has no networking ties that allow the owner to accurately measure the sales of video games and we all know that.

So please, the next time you want to call me out over something that I am not even remotely close to feeling, please think to actually ask me to clarify on what I mean to say if it isn't already clear before making accusations.

Ruggadagod2759d ago

Pokemon has a wider appeal than Street Fighter.

Phil322759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

But it's on a complete and utter bomb of a system compared to the PS4 and was not given anywhere as near as much hype or marketing.

DiscoKid2759d ago

Not to mention the Street Fighter franchise predates Pokemon by several years.

Ruggadagod2759d ago

Like I said, Pokemon has a wider appeal than Street Fighter.

DashMad2759d ago

yet SFV flopped so badly it's not even sold half pokken number in japan it's country origin look at media create number lol.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm2759d ago

not just wider appeal, Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in gaming. Every game sells 10 millions minimum. It's even bigger than Call of Duty.

ZeekQuattro2759d ago

Pokemon spin off games are lucky to sell 1 million in most cases. This isn't a mainline Pokemon game on Nintendo's handheld platform. Its a spin off on the Wii U. Not sure what made you think every Pokemon game sells 10 million. Wtf

pcz2759d ago

its amazing it sold better than street fighter. well done to nintendo/namco

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Germany72759d ago

Pokkén Tournament is a complete game, no surprise at all, it really deserves better sales than SF V.

ONESHOTV22759d ago

so much for not going full multiplatform. i have 4 on steam but had no interest in 5 i dont support that type of practice