Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 vs. Firefox 3.0.1

So, how does Microsoft's latest beta release of Internet Explorer 8 compare Mozilla's Firefox 3.0.1 in terms of speed? Let's find out in this quick head-to-head!

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jack who3792d ago

IE8 won...there i saved u a click

zo6_lover273792d ago

Wow, your a total M$ fanboy aren't you?

No matter what you say, do, or think, or how much M$ pays you(hehe), IE won't touch Firefox anytime soon.

jack who3792d ago

only thing firefox is good for is porn....therefor Ie8 won.

zo6_lover273792d ago

How is IE better?

If its twice as stable as IE 7 I'm not interested.

DJ3792d ago

Damn that's ballsy, haha.

Dyingduck3792d ago

"It’s pretty clear from these basic tests that Internet Explorer 8 has a long way to go if it is to catch up with Firefox 3.0 "

You decide.

Dumb, arrogant M$ Fanboy

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strotee3792d ago

Hmmm, the title says 3.01, but the graphs show 3.1 (different versions).

Finch3792d ago

I been usen Firefox forever now. Yes up todate ones and all. Yesterday i DLed the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 and been usen it ever since just to test it out. All fanboyism aside its running clean and fast. There are tools in there that really make web browesing very sharp and bright (Compatibility View). Wish Firefox had this option with how its makes everything very clean and sharp. Plus It almost seems as if its running almost twice as fast than Firefox. Its looking good and running very well, but i don't have the same plug ins as i do in Firefox. I may finsh today off running with the new beta to finshing testing it out, but as long as it don't support all my plug ins im staying with Firefox as my main broweser. Plus i think i just feel safer with Firefox!

LiamIRL823792d ago

Have been using firefox 3 ever since beta and haven't used IE7 since but this morning I updated to IE8 Beta 2 & am shocked by how fast it is. It really seems to be faster than FF3. BTW I am not an MS fanboy.

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