Tekken 6 to be delayed to 2009?

PSB writes: It looks like fighting fans may have to wait just a bit longer for Tekken 6 to hit the PS3. Earlier today, the Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion upgrade was announced for the arcade version of Tekken 6. The console version of Tekken 6 will be most likely be delayed to incorporate these new updates, possibly even into 2009.

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spoon3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Good things come to those who wait

Shadow Man3703d ago

"The future belongs not to those who wait..."

juuken3703d ago

And the bots would know allll about delays wouldn't they?

Alan Wait!

gambare3703d ago

yeah, too flopman, tales of floperia, infinite floppery are a proof of that

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TheColbertinator3703d ago

I will be broke by the end of this year anyways

MrWonderful3703d ago

my wallet will be so skinny by december of this year with all the games coming out here and all the ones im gonna import.

TheColbertinator3703d ago

Import sounds like a good option but my wallet will take its first hit with Mercs 2 next week.Then it begins...

IzKyD13313703d ago

yeah, PS3 owners have Motorstorm, Socom, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2 and not to mention third party games like Fallout 3 and Farcry 2

Sitdown3703d ago

Yeah....there really was no need to throw "ps3" in your comment.....I think we pretty much all assume this article is about the need to feed fanboys.

Bombibomb3703d ago

When was it confirmed for 2008 to begin with?

sumfood4u3703d ago

But it will Join Final Fantasy XIII with all this greatness!

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jack who3703d ago

wasnt this sup to come out in 2006?

spoon3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I made an filthy, fat, dirty ass lucking c0ck smoking xbox fanboy on soul calibur. he luks lyk all xbox fanboys. but the chracter was rejectd from IGN's best sc4 chracters list becuz it was so damn ugly

it the most realistic lookin soul calibar 4 charcter evr and the closest you can get to a real xbox fanboy.

here it is........... jack who....(the guy next to him is TheMart)

Splenda143703d ago

it was announced in 2006 it was suppose be out in the arcades in 2007

jack who3703d ago

teh cell hit a wall again i see

heyheyhey3703d ago

ladies and gents... here we have an example of a good delay :)

jack who3703d ago

just wait just wait just wait..........4 years later wait sum more...oh when will it stop:(

TheColbertinator3703d ago

@Jack Who

Are you new? Ten year life cycles.That is the new game

Snukadaman_3703d ago

you spin me round round round round....

PoSTedUP3703d ago

yea bro just like home and KZ2... they are going to be great when they come out and if a game isnt ready then delay it, thats the smartest thing a developer can do.

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The story is too old to be commented.