Why the rumored new Xbox One is not an upgrade but a Slim

Rumors have it that Microsoft is working on a new Xbox One device that could see the light of day at E3 2016 next month. Several pieces of information came through the grape vine claiming the console could be a whole new system or something else entirely.

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RosweeSon885d ago

With NX in March of next year and supposed Sony Neo due in Oct Microsoft have no choice but to do something or be completely forgotten about. A slim I don't feel will help them in the slightest due to it (current Xbox one) not being as successful as Xbox 360 so far they need some extra oomph and some more bells and whistles rather than just sliming down what they already have.

Foehammer885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

You might want to read the article:

"Seeing as the current Xbox One is just over two years old and its sales are tracking ahead of the Xbox 360, the next five to eight years will likely be more successful than the recently defunct Xbox 360."


"Sony has a reason for doing this seeing as the Japanese giant will release its PSVR goggles later in the year."

It would be nice to know that a manufacturer, like last gen, let a console be the primary focus for 8 years (Xbox360) before introducing another console.

Ppl like to know they are the primary focus of the manufactured for many years when it comes to console sales. No one like to think they paid top dollar for the bargain basement version.

ScorpiusX885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

The part that is annoying me this gen is MS bs talk of its numbers compared to 360 , who cares about that crap.
I want them to be competitive with this gen not last gen and waiting around for a whole ten year generation before doing something is dumb as hell .

Foehammer885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

That's what is called an "apples to apples comparison. 40 Countries to 42 Countries, not 42 Countries to 124 Countries.

That's what share holder care about:

-has the brand expanded...yes, every generation, unlike its completion
-is it profitable...yes

Godmars290885d ago

Thing is, for all the unconfirmed speculation the Neo could be the PS4 slim.

Rude-ro885d ago

So what about the people who bought a windows phone, or surface? They are outdated according to which model and every 6 months when they release a new model... Is that the company you are referring to?

freshslicepizza885d ago

it makes more sense for sony to have a new system because they want to push ultra bluray format. they also have a much better chance of it succeeding since the ps4 is doing so well. the xbox one will further fragment its audience with an all new updated system. i think its just a slim as well.

MagicBeanz885d ago

You're right they should just go on like they are for another six years and people can keep bitching and moaning about them being under powered, cause damned if you do and damned if you dont right?

BTDubs, saying "the next five to eight years will likely be more successful" isn't a point of fact its a guess and the next five to eight years could easily see its sales continue to slip.

RosweeSon884d ago

With microtransactions and the fact you pay to play online they'd be happy if you stayed with the same console for 15-20 years?! Would I no. At the end of the day your paying to play online so shock horror they are happy to let their console float on for 8-10 years... It's making them money £30-40 a year X how many users. I read the it's just over 2 years old. What part is 30 months on the shelves just over 2 years that's 2 and a half years they've barely cleared 20 million and Xbox 360 sold 80+ million in 8-9 years max that's not on target the fact they are still under 20 million sold and taken 2 and a half years they'll need at least another 7 to catch up with Xbox 360? Which will never happen as that sales figure is massively inflated with rebought or replaced consoles. The times of Xbox 360 being the dominate console or Microsoft being the main manufacturer are done.

Mr Pumblechook884d ago

This website makes the unfounded claim "Seeing as the current Xbox One is just over two years old and its sales are tracking ahead of the Xbox 360."

Considering Microsoft are no longer releasing sales figures for the Xbox One, it is shoddy journalism to make such unsubstantiated claims.

jb227884d ago


I'm not sure how anything you quoted somehow disproved what Roswee was saying. Also, you realize you are quoting an opinion piece right? You can't invalidate one person's opinion with someone else's...Roswee's logic is sound. The core gaming community with expendable income (i.e. The target market) will go wherever the power is. If Neo & NX consistently crank out amazing looking games, XBO will have no answer to that kind of performance, short of creating some kind of new box.

I honestly think that MS was going down this route before Sony was...Sony's is most likely the reaction, not the other way around. The person who kicked off this entire talk in the first place was Spencer, just a few short months ago before the Neo was even rumored. MS' plans may have changed into a full Xbox Two or some kind of upgrade able Steam Box, but to just assume that MS will ride this generation out with the weakest console on the market is to disregard their history. Look at the 360, it shipped with a traditional DVD drive & no built in WiFi, when the PS3 shipped with WiFi & a BD drive in the box, MS reacted with the Elite and it's built in WiFi & with the HD DVD drive.

MS doesn't have a history of letting their initial statement be good enough to carry them, and I highly doubt that changes now. If Neo is a thing, rest assured MS will also have some kind of solution in the works, and it won't be a simple Slim console.

Scottyxboxoneandps4884d ago

"No one like to think they paid top dollar for the bargain basement version." But thats exactly how i eventually felt after choosing the xbox one over the PS4 at the start of this gen. They need an upgraded console badly, cos if they miss the boat, then i would be doubtful of ms future in the console space altogether, and that would be a bad outcome.

jmc8888884d ago

What people forget though is that the past isn't prologue.

You can't draw a straight line and say, well since we've sold this much, this is how the rest of the generation will go based on last generation.

The more competitors that launch new/updated systems, the more that impacts how well the Xbox One sells.

A year from now the Xbox One might be the 4th most powerful console on the market.

Plus there is simply no way in hell that machines that came in about half as powerful as the 360/PS3 did for what tech was out there when they launched will last 8 years. That's one of the reasons we are seeing a PS4k/Neo to begin with.

Microsoft may have decided to have some pretty crappy years between now and a true new Xbox. If that's their approach, it's fine. We might see something in 2-3 years that will be power wise a good deal above the Neo and NX. But at the same time Sony might just respond then too.

Either way, this generation is nothing like last generation, and simply taking a ruler and a straight line to extrapolate future sales is irrational.

bouzebbal884d ago

No idea how a slimmer version would do more than the existing.. I mean it's just......the same console with obvious technical limitations, and the more we advance into the years the more irrelevant it will become.
You are talking about 360's 8years lifetime... Do you really think X1 will be around for as long? At this pace there is no competition and i hope for Xbox existance that they are thinking of how to turn the tide around.
The X1 needs a boost in power and a reintroduction, maybe even with another name..
PS4K is going to crush it even more; first it is rumored to be slimmer, and second it will help 4K become mainstream.

AndrewLB884d ago

I think Microsoft is holding off a bit because the currently available hardware available from AMD isn't adequate for an updated console just yet. I'm not talking about GPU performance, but CPU. Neo is rumored to be using the same Jaguar cores that are in the PS4 which are simply running at a higher clock speed without a die shrink. Thats going to create a lot more power draw and heat. Microsoft is likely looking at AMD's upcoming Zen CPU technology which is going to be light-years ahead in performance and power consumption.

Foehammer884d ago


******Look at the 360, it shipped with a traditional DVD drive*********

I always get a laugh when it's suggested that a product that launched in 2005 should have a feature that wasn't released until 2006.

I assume you must think very high of MS as you expect them to be capable of time travel.

Kyizen884d ago

Um wrong no one likes obsolute hardware. They arent forcing you to buy a new system but having the option to is nice. Having to get the worst looking and running version of a game is not...

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hardcorehenry885d ago

I'm ready for a new xbox. I'm expecting a slim on top of a brand new console. UWP demands it.

Soulrakk885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

The thing is, the Xbox One is actually more successful than the 360. Sony dominating the market and "crushing" Microsoft is a bit overstated when you're talking pound for pound, apples to apples. Sony is in MANY more countries than the XB1. When you compare them side by side in the 2 biggest markets (UK & US), the difference is not that significant. In no way am I underselling the PS4 though, Sony has done a better job than MS with this gen's console.

rainslacker885d ago

Sony was always in many more countries with their hardware. So if we're talking pound for pound, why would it being in more countries matter that it's now more successful? It's not like MS is unable to release the X1 in more countries. What's stopping them? If they could be as successful as Sony by doing so, why wouldn't they be doing it? I'm sure publishers who release games in those countries wouldn't be opposed to having more of a market to release to.

Godmars290885d ago

"It's not like MS is unable to release the X1 in more countries. What's stopping them?"

From what I understand, server support. Even after the DRM plans got derailed, the XB1 is still very dependent on online for functionality. Very likely the PS4 as well.

2v1884d ago

So MS is a broke POS. Company just admit it hahahah

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_-EDMIX-_885d ago

Agreed. But they could just do both. An upgrade and a slim for the existing sku or do BOTH a slim sku for the original specs and upgraded.

You are right though, they can't just do nothing so I feel the must compete and make an upgrade option.

2v1884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

They want to do nothing lol or else they go the way of the dreamcast bud

RosweeSon884d ago

Sales tracking I've heard this enough when they release actual figures but I'm sorry it not selling as well as Xbox 360 and won't continue to do so. 360 sold 80 million plus Xbox one will never see these numbers.

Foehammer884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

You might want to go back and look at the financial reports from MS for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

Xbox 360 reached 28m shipped in 2008. My guess is they will easily pass that this year.

Or one could just read the current reports where MS points out how much better the X1 is doing.

RosweeSon884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Why would I look at that... Boring too busy playing games I don't care about sales in the slightest but 28 million is likely a number they may hit much more than that ever unlikely. 30-40 million max this gen for Xbox.

vegasgamerdawg884d ago

I can tell you read N4G. You take the fanBOY talk as fact, you've no clue what you're talking The X1 is more successful than the 360<---FACT. History teaches, including commons sense , that a lower price increases sales. Enjoy your fantasy world of thinking fanBOY talk is actually truthful. I hope you're a kid, because as a grow up you fail.

RosweeSon884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

It's not a fact because Microsoft have never released sales figures. FACT. I bought at least 3 Xbox 360's brand new at least with White/Elite and Star Wars one. Specially with my white one dying the Elite wasn't much better got repaired twice. I won't be doing that again this generation I may pick up the Xbox one (see what E3 brings other than halo wars 2 gears 4 crackdown 3-which looks ok, and forza 7 or horizon whichever number) I certainly won't be buying the Xbox one 3 times and I'm sure I'm not alone in that some people will swerve it all together but they won't be buying multiple consoles like they did last gen especially in first couple of years due to the things dying.

If a lower price brings sales why after Xbox dropping over £100 off the original asking price for Xbox one are they still waaaay behind ps4? It's not all about the price if what your buying is average. Yet last generation Xbox 360 was way ahead of PS3 especially for the first couple of years however now Xbox one is selling half as many its tracking ahead of Xbox 360 some people are deluded. If it ever did maybe one month it did it won't be for the next 3-4 years they've got the majority of their console sales for this generations there's only so many gamers out there and when 13 million own a Wii u fact as they release actually sales figures and ps4 is 35-40 million and counting don't see where Xbox are gonna keep up with 360 let alone out do it. It's gonna be like ps2 100 mill Xbox/GameCube 15-25 million each.

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ScorpiusX885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

A Slim model is a waste of time & resource plus asking for overheating issues.
I rather a whole new console with better Spec and hardware. (who knew people were against improvement)

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Vegamyster885d ago

The PS4 is like half the size of the Xone with better hardware, i doubt a slim model will have overheating issues.

ScorpiusX885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

I wouldn't say half the size ,its hardware is a bit better . As for the xbox one size wasn't it due to some new large fan to keep the system from having heating issues.

game4funz885d ago

Well my ps4 is super loud even after clean up so not sure about overheating issues

Vegamyster885d ago


It's a good deal smaller.


Neither my Xone or PS4 are that loud.

885d ago
Fin_The_Human885d ago

Did the 369 slim overheat or had any issues?

I remember the 360 slim actually being much more quite.

HVD is right maybe you should get into PC gaming if you want a new console every 2 to 3 years.

ScorpiusX885d ago

Did the 369 slim overheat or had any issues?

HVD is right maybe you should get into PC gaming if you want a new console every 2 to 3 years.

No thank you , it time console stop falling behind technology and change as it does .

81BX885d ago

Slim model is a waste of time..... who knew people were against improvement... oh the irony.

ScorpiusX885d ago

Am always wanting new & improved toys , never been one for waiting or a fan of these lengthy long periods before new systems .

81BX885d ago

Then get a pc, no? Unless you favor some of the exclusives. I really got my ps4 for uncharted 4 lol

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DopeTech885d ago

No. It'll be a much more powerful than the Base PS4, deal with it!

NatFanBoyRestricted884d ago

Sorry, rumors are what they are until it's verified. Even if a few internal parts are over clocked, it's still not that much more powerful.

Fin_The_Human885d ago

Nope PS4 Neo is a more powerful console compared to the PS4 vanilla.

Sony need more powah to push PSVR.

SirCharles885d ago

Uhhhhh the psvr has it's own processing block.....

Fin_The_Human885d ago

Yah I think everyone knows that but its still not enough to compete with the Oculus an a technical level.

Sony has the upper hand in price but the downfall to that is the tech behind it is not as powerful.

paranoid1971884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

@sircharles The so called processor unit for the psvr does two things. It recombines the images to allow it to output to a normal tv and it does some 3D audio processing. All image processing is done solely on the PS4.

annoyedgamer885d ago (Edited 885d ago )

The PS4 is nowhere near as powerful as the some of the posters on here want you to think. The upcoming PS VR headset will not be able to run properly on the PS4's current hardware, it will need an upgrade. How they will market this to the early adopters is anybody's guess though.

TFJWM885d ago

Considering people have played games on PS VR on the PS4 and haven't had issues how is it not able to run VR games properly?

JackBNimble885d ago (Edited 885d ago )


Sony has around 35 million ps4s in the world and they know that all they have to do is convince you to buy a psvr . How much of a success do you think psvr will be if you need to buy a ps4k ? Ya, there goes your 35 or 40 million user install base and any chance of it being successful .

If ps4k is real and you need it for psvr , then that would be ( in canadian cash) alot more then the oculus .

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