BioShock Coming In June

BioShock Xbox and PC Version to ship in June. This according to 1Up, they claim to have received official confirmation form 2KGames that the title will ship sometime in June of 2007. It's already shaping up to be one heck of a summer in the gaming industry. However don't be SHOCKED if BioShock is pushed back to say August or September.

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Dusk5237d ago

this from a source that's more reliable than 1up. IMO, 1up & EGM are the most unreliable gaming sources out there.

Anerythristic265237d ago

In the middle of Summer ? I'll wait and see.

PS360PCROCKS5237d ago

perfect and yes a major game release in summer, theirs no other competition, you can take the market by storm, look at prey and dead rising