REACTION: EA: "We'll Support Nintendo NX If It Makes Sense"

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EA weighs in on their support for the NX. They'll bring games to the system "if it makes sense". A.K shares his thoughts on the matter.

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pompombrum978d ago

Sounds about right from EA, if it'll make them money, they'll support it. I imagine Activision, Ubi etc are probably in the same position. It's really in Nintendo's hands to make the console as appealing as possible if they want good third party support.

freshslicepizza978d ago

ea will go where the money is, just like most publishers. ea also knows that third party has a hard time selling products on nintendo consoles for awhile now but they can support the nx quickly if software sales show its worth it.

_-EDMIX-_978d ago

Well they can if the hardware is easy enough for them to not be over spending to develop games on it. Software sales are nice and all, but they mean less when you are factoring in higher development cost due to a difficult hardware.

I think EA might make their choice legit, when they get their hands on the hardware. If EA even releases some games for NX when it comes out, tis likely going to be JUST to capitalize on the lack of games and new install base, then they are likely going to wait to see if things change. I'm pretty positive EA at this point only cares about making some ports for a quick buck during NX's launch, but who knows. EA's stance on Wii U AND on even remasters for PS4 and XONE sorta show that maybe they don't feel porting games give them the return they want.

If they do release a Mass Effect remaster, then EA was likely trolling to make a surprise anouncement and will likely see a reason to port to NX, BUT....if EA was serous and they have no desire to could also lend true to porting and they could skip NX entierly.

Clearly PS4 and XONE's install base is MASSIVE, to not make remasters of some of their older titles from last gen is telling on their stance, thus...could indicate that EA needs something SERIOUS before supporting NX.

I mean folks....when EA says they won't remaster, that is something to really, really consider and think about in regards to the companies stance. To be more conservative, might mean they aer even LESS likely to support NX's launch if at all.

A EA saying no to remasters on PS4 and XONE, is sorta the mindset that might also not even support NX at all. Ports bring a HUGE return and with the PS4 and XONE install base, I can't stress enough how big of a deal that is to NOT release them, it very much means they are not spending money on long shots or ports or remasters etc. Does not bode well for NX.

freshslicepizza977d ago

ea was late to the party on the wii but most developers quickly found out the demographics for that system were different that the other platforms. nintendo basically makes hardware that is unique and has clientel that are also looking for something different. this makes the propsition of developers like ea not too keen on going out of their way to adapt. it's the same example of vr technology. the numbers aren't there yet to really justify unque software so they just make either smaller funded games or quick ports with some tweaks. that's not quite fair to the consumer but it is expected until they can validate development costs to really take advanateg of the software.

this is why many like exclusives because the developer can really go to task and tailor their games around it and push the hardware.

subtenko978d ago

So the NX will be somewhere popular between the wii and the wii u. Got it. I really do think nintendo would do a liiiiiitle bit better if they were back on microsoft and sony release.

RosweeSon978d ago

That's because EA suck and are a lame generic same games different number at the end kind of company.

_-EDMIX-_978d ago

You mean the company that got 4.5 billion in revenue last year?

Buddy, you don't need to like EA, that is a personal and emotional thing, but at least objectively look at the numbers. EA controls a lot of the best selling games, if EA doesn't support a platform, that is millions and millions of gamers not buying the system day 1.

EA and Activision are pretty much the gate keepers into console gaming, the numbers don't lie bud. If they don't support you're platform, you are statistically always going to sell LESS then the other platforms they will support. EA can pretty much decide console generations if they see a reason to not support a platform. Mind you, this isn't even JUST EA, when they say "if it makes sense" that is for pretty much all companies in general.

Pretty sure EA wasn't the only publisher to leave the Wii U bud. What they are saying, is basically what MOST companies will do. Who is releasing games on a platform because it doesn't "make sense" for them? lol Who is making games on system at a lose just for kicks? Don't you get EA's issue, is actually more so the entire development community?

Lets not try to act like EA was the only publisher that skipped the Wii U.

So calling them um "lame" doesn't really answer why WB, Activision, Ubisoft, Sega, Take Two, Bethesda,Capcom, Square and a SLEW of developers stopped or didn't even waste time developing on Wii U.

That doesn't sound like a isolated situation just about um "EA suck" or being "lame". lol

wonderfulmonkeyman978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

The numbers for other systems don't matter when EA has spent no effort trying to make Nintendo fans like them enough to purchase their games.
The same goes for other third parties.
They need to do something better than what they delivered on the Wii U, or they cannot carry the NX.

_-EDMIX-_977d ago

@Wonder- "The numbers for other systems don't matter when EA has spent no effort trying to make Nintendo fans like them enough to purchase their games"

Nope. When NINTENDO "has spent no effort trying to make" a system that EA can work with.

Yet EA is moving millions and millions of units on PC, PS4 and XONE? Um...sure bud. Has nothing to do with the developer, its Nintendo's bad hardware. If EA was the issue, they would not be moving the ridiculous amount of software that they move every year.

Soooooo Nintendo "need to do something better than what they delivered on the Wii U" as the hardware is Nintendo's, not EA's, not Ubisoft's or Activision's etc.

You keep ignoring theses links too showing that it was Nintendo's hardware that made them leave.

Soooo why AGAIN are those same developers breaking records on PC, PS4 and XONE?

I thought it was them bud? You sure about that? They seem to be doing "something better" else where soooooooo lol

RosweeSon977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

It's not all about money, just because they made $4.5 billion doesn't mean their games are of any quality, I don't mind a bit of FIFA but a new one each year not to mention NFL/NHL And all the other yearly churns... Ever thought that Micro transactions which is esentially charging for access to unlockables early or in game currency has made them the majority of their money... Yay that's great for gamers. As for including activision (Call of Duty?!) Ubisoft with assassins creed and far cry. Sega barely released anything last year... Except for Bayonetta 1/2 which were Wii U exclusive? and Capcom haven't even finished their latest game even tho it's been on the shops a couple of months. Did I buy a Nintendo Wii U for unoriginal samey samey yearly churns... Nope. Sure more choice the merrier but if it's just average yearly churn titles I'd rather not bother, always got my ps4 is I'm really bored and wanting something like that but with the great games out on ps4 also haven't got time for the same games year after year just with a new number on the end. As for Ubisoft not interested, yeah we've got this exclusive Rayman game... Oh now we're going multiplatform and instead of releasing on Wii U as its ready and good to go were gonna delay it by 6 months and make everyone wait until it's ready for all platforms they could have given Wii U a head start and some form exclusivity deal but hey ho I wasn't buying it, assassins creed syndicate was pretty cool (probably biased as I'm British) but now it's been nailed I'm not gonna be playing that again any time soon and that's what my ps4 is there for, for the Nintendo exclusives and anything else Nintendo console.

_-EDMIX-_977d ago

@Ros- "It's not all about money, just because they made $4.5 billion doesn't mean their games are of any quality"


Buddy, what we are talking about is the might and power EA has. Regardless of what you deem as "quality" or not, that is actually irrelevant. What is relevant to what we are talking about in regards to might and power, is that others do.


'Capcom haven't even finished their latest game" thats nice. Nintendo is still missing Resident Evil Revelations 2, 2002 remaster and the Zero remaster.

'Ubisoft with assassins creed and far cry" yes and?

You mean the series that moves huge millions every year? Oh you mean the publisher that just released the biggest selling new IP debut in gaming?

Sooooo sorry buddy, what you're feelings are about those publishers is irrelevant to FACTS. Someone is buying those games.

So basically, you're salt sounds like this..

RosweeSon- "Oh GTAV you mean that borefest", "Oh Arkham Knight, you mean the bad PC port?" "Oh Witcher 3, you mean that game that launched with all those bugs?" etc.

How is that relevant to the majority in regards to sales of those games? You know...the actual topic at hand?

If Nintendo wants those sales that PS4 and XONE are getting they need the games bud.

So for comments like " As for Ubisoft not interested" irrelevant. No one is asking you or Wonderful to make a list of personal opinions on games. What is being considered is the publishers that are the TOP PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD right now are not supporting this company.

You may not care for COD, but 20 million plus do every year, you may not care for Fifa moves 15 plus million units a year, Destiny moved 14 million units etc. The reality is, what we are talking about is not about what you personally like, what is being factored is the install base of gamers that for a fact buy those publishers games. They outnumber Nintendo gamers by a ridiculous amount.

All you need to know, is for a fact, someone is buying those games and those publishers are the top 3rd party publishers in gaming in regards to sales. That isn't a subjective concept, that is an objective one.

So when saying stuff like "It's not all about money" lololololol when talking about this subject buddy, it very much is. Never did I state what I personally felt regarding any party being discussed. Seriously....objectively form you're post, no one is saying I'm posting this based on an emotional or personal issue. This is stricltly based on the sales of those titles and the power those publishers have.

Wii U failed without them clearly for a reason. Those publishers went on to BREAK RECORDS in sales ELSE where, would make complete sense for Nintendo to go x86 to get a publisher like EA back. Whether you like EA or not is irrelevant, they have a HUGE install base of gamers that Nintendo NEEDS to compete with PS4 and XONE. If they let PS4, PC and XONE go on even MORE with those titles ask um "exclusives" its clear they will ultimately lose once again.

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RosweeSon978d ago (Edited 978d ago )

EA don't do original.

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