"Hot" Gears of War 2 High-Res Screenshots

In these new screens at TheHDRoom you get to go up close and personal with the Flameboomer, amongst other enemies.

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InMyOpinion3706d ago

Looks incredible. That's some really crisp textures.

Violater3706d ago

First UE made everything look like it came out of the Vaseline monster.
Now everything looks dusty and rough, though now with better lighting.

radio0o3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Looks a little outdated IMO when you compare them to games like Killzone 2, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, etc etc.

Still looking like the best 360 graphics though and the character models are very nice.

Gamekilla3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

but those are some of the best textures and graphics i have seen in [email protected] killzone 2 may be able to top this, but i think these graphics definitely top uncharted (i never thought i'd say that, and i know i'll get disagrees for it)

3706d ago
Fanboy Fart3706d ago

Uncharted have more of a cartoon art direction, both game look great. I think Gow2 has the edge but by a slightly margin.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3706d ago

Lol, did just say a PlayStation 2 game is better than a PlayStation 3 game visually?

mikeslemonade3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

This would have been impressive last year but not this year. There's about 10 games that look better than this that are coming this year or next year. The textures are blurry and clearly blu-ray is needed here.

solidt123706d ago

Man that really looks good.

Fanboy Fart3706d ago

@ 1.6

No i meant to say Gears of War 2, my bad. lol.

masterg3706d ago

I love my PS3 more than my 360.....

But damn... If I have to listen to anymore fanboys talk this game down I'm going to loose it. To me only KZ2 match what I see here.

The 360 has a sh*t year if you ask me, but Gears 2 is a monster.
Stop talking it down. It looks stunning and the first Gears multiplayer was fantastic. The only problem was lag.

It's my most wanted this year.... Right after Little Big Planet of course.

u got owned3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

A lot of PS3 fans hating in here. This game looks great, period. Be gamers not haters.

ape0073706d ago

buy a 360 when the 60gb 299$ comes

it's so cheap

trust me with ps3 and 360 in one room you'll be more happy

ps3 and 360,friends forever no fanboyism

I win,you lost(fanboys)

Spydiggity3706d ago

still not sure why people put uncharted in the same category as this game...or most other games for that matter. i was hugely unimpressed with it. generic disney-style story, flimsy and repetative gameplay, mediocre graphics.

and while i agree the UE3 is getting old, Gears pushes its limits and actually makes it look impressive. No question this will be top selling exclusive of the year and most played online game for a loooong time.

clintos593706d ago

Yes these screens do look great but lets be honest here that alot of screen shots taken from EPIC are usually over done compared to the actual game. Same thing they did with UT3.

Im not denying these screens look gorgeous but at the same time they look like bullshots because from everything ive seen in motion on gametrailers I have yet to see any in motion as clean as those screens.

As for Uncharted looking cartoony? Dont know what game u were playing but Uncharted is still one of the best looking games thus far even though that game came out like a year ago. See for yourself and these aint no bullshots.

I still cant say which game looks better out of the 2 because Uncharted is still a game I can throw on now and be amazed. But no doubt both games do look great.

rexor07173706d ago

Uncharted does look at leat 5x as good. Much better textures, way better lighting. And much more fun! Uh oh! Not really, but I do like Uncharted more than Gears(I want GeoW2 anyways, looks fun)

mfwahwah3706d ago

It does look really nice, no doubt about it. The one thing I hate about Gears 1 & 2 is the character and some weapon designs though. The characters look terribly generic and ridiculous, I'm sorry. I also can't get into many of the Locust designs, they just look lame to me.

I know people LOVE chainsaws, but a chainsaw on a gun just seems silly and a bit gimmicky to me, but I know that's a sensitive issue. I truly don't understand the obsession with chainsaws :/. There's also this stupid looking pistol I saw in some screens.

Well, here's to hoping this game gets released on PC!

PotNoodle3706d ago

Meh, i don't really like gears of war's dark graphics, i wish they could brighten it up just a bit to around Unreal tournament level then i'd love it even more.

Scrooge3706d ago

It's good to see that some gamers still have integrity and don't consider it a sin to admit that another platform's graphics look great. Keep spreading the love, and death to all fanboys.

cahill3706d ago

people please dont argue

Uncharted shots for u

ofcourse Killzone 2/Heavy Rain/Mgs4 looks better than Gears 2 as well

BTW these are Bullshots of Gears 2

robbo9183706d ago

I am pretty die-hard Sony but I think those shots are pretty dang nice. I didn't like the video footage of this game as much because it looked "painted" but this is much more crisp. Cheers for X360 getting this and I will be equally happy with Resistance 2 and KZ2. Great games for both the current gen systems versus a certain "kart" playing plumber's system that couldn't push any of those 3 games.

thewhoopimen3706d ago

I'll donate my left nut to charity if that's really the a 360 screen shot. Looks more to me like a PC running it in 720p with like a Radeon 4870 or a Nvidia 8800 GT.

NO_PUDding3706d ago

I am sorry.... I am sorry. Are you all too stupid to realise bullshots? The UE 3 engine cannot handle AA in any of it's games on the next generation consoles. It's a fact. And it's one of the very few bottlenecks the engine has.

The AA on this is GODLY.

Bullshot confirmed.

And even with that, the 2D backgrounds look stunning, but up close, it really isn't that impressive.

I am not a PS3 fanboy, listen to me MGS4 was a rehashed Metal Gear Title, great for the fans, but no one else. I think Resistance 2 looks underwhelming. PS3 has a slight shortage of RPG's at the moment.

Ia m not a fanboy, but face the facts, these are bullshots, and they aren't that impressive in the first place.

Get Fable 2, that game is worth everyones time. Coop will rock.

Porno Decepticon3706d ago

lolz, can'tz believes you actually think they're real shotz, and tehy stul look outdateds.

osamaq3706d ago

Oh I feel Sorry for you ps3 guys , there is no single game is even close to this graphics Quality not Even Killzone 2, maybe the graphics of killzone 2 trailer in 05 yes , but lastly the PS3 shows that this graphics cant be handled by the PS3 system, so you know in deep of ur self's that this is a superior graphics but ur Envious let you to disagree with @Jenzo.

aliveinboston3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

not a patch on games like Uncharted which has smooth, natural lighting, superb shadows, a rich color palette, and much higher polygon counts for characters and environments, not to mention, incredible textures on virtually all surfaces.

What's more, the lighting and shadows are not impressive as it gets the usual stepped lighting of the Unreal engine. Not a smooth transition in sight and there is the usual lighting and shadow errors that come from taking those short-cuts. This isn't even the most technically advanced game on the Xbox360.

What we're witnessing is the magic of great art direction where visual pop comes from the high contrast, monochromatic style with selective use of high resolution textures that tricks the eye into thinking there's more detail than there really is.

Just to be clear, the aforementioned technical short-comings of these graphics have nothing to do with the 360 hardware but are a result of the Unreal Engine.

jmalc3705d ago

I am VERY impressed with the flame/smoke effects, and we all know the lighting engine is great.

I will say, however, that without the glare coming from the bump-mapping, it's surprising to see such a modest poly-count on some of the models.

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Rourker3706d ago

I don't think so man, I mean I'm sure they were touched up, but what game doesn't touch up their screen shots?

KZ2 was called on it before, and they admitted the did some photoshop work on them.

shazam3706d ago

if you ever see a screenshot with absolutely no jaggies whatsoever like these then its a bullshot.

cahill3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Gears 2 is running at 720p and a game at that rez without jaggies is definitely being BULLSHOTTED

By the way Uncharted easily tops this


Gears 2 shots are all Bullshots with like 16x AA

EPIC did the same with UT3 , GEARS 1 and GEARS 2

Gears 1 had jaggies. Nope x360 cant do FSAA by default when it comes to a heavy computational games like Gears

Perjoss3706d ago

lots of 360 games have FSAA, there are no jaggies in the first GoW. I think i read somewhere that the machine does FSAA by default, like x2 or something, but I could be wrong.

NO_PUDding3706d ago

You are wrong. The UE3 engine doesn't do AA.

It just doesn't.

power of Competence3706d ago

Sorry to break it to you guys but these are indeed bullshots.

Unreal Engine 3 only does AA in DirectX 10.

aliveinboston3705d ago

but even as bull-shots they aren't technically impressive. Still, the lighting and shadows are very basic and even bull-shots can't hide that. The 360 hardware is certainly capable of more advanced graphics than this.

As far as Uncharted, that's not really a fair comparison since that's on stronger hardware. It makes more sense to compare it to other games on the 360, no?

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cr33ping_death3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

looking sweet, the soul reason for me having the 360

edit: oh look a disagree

masterg3706d ago

This is the reason my 360 is still standing next to my PS3.
Damn I loved the first one.

mfwahwah3706d ago

Well yeah, a disagree. I disagreed because I don't have a 360, and if I did, this game wouldn't be the soul of it. Am I not entitled to my opinion of what my hypothetical console's soul would be?

By the way, it would be Fable 2 for me, barring disappointment like Fable 1 (I 100%ed that game in NO time, with 0 effort D':)

Gam713705d ago

you deliberately being a moron mfw...

he spelled the word sole wrong but you can get from the context what he meant and you can't disagree with that as that was the reason he bought a 360 unless you know his shopping habits better than him.

And if you think a console has a soul you need help or maybe sony told you the ps3 has one and you believed them.

Again you're deliberately being awkward.

MasterChief28293706d ago

WTF is wrong with N4G? Always passing duplicate stories lately. These screenshots are OLD! They are from E3. :S

pp3706d ago

Just awsome graphical powerhouse of a game only possible on xbox360

Kufi-3706d ago


zo6_lover273706d ago

The semi awesome power brought to you by the Unreal Engine 3. Possible on both the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system.


Dyingduck3706d ago

This looks like HDR of Gears1 SS...

Unreal Engine III = old

Kufi-3706d ago

Uncharted and MGS4 already have better graphic . you failed.
There is no or 1 enemy on the pictures.Alone in the game..

AngryXbot3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Resistance 2 just RAPED Bores of war 2!

Graphics - Resistance wins, ENOUGH SAID.
Gore - Resistance wins, Slicer gameplay. OWNED
Physics - Resistance wins, Unreal 3 doesnt know what physics mean.
Scale - Resistance wins, 300 feet bosses, giant octopus boss and more! SMOKED.
Multi player - Resistance wins. I hear Cliffy really pushed the 360 this time around. A whoppin 5 v 5 GUYS! Poor Resistance only got 30v30! OWNED
Coop - Resistance wins, 8 player COOP. OWNED. SMOKED.

Damn, not even a fight! OWNED!

Spread Butt Cheeks3706d ago

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mfwahwah3706d ago

Only possible on 360? So I won't have the pleasure of playing this on PC? Aww shucks...

dkgshiz3706d ago

PS3 is more powerful, also, UT3 is on the ps3. It uses the same engine as gears. So its possible on the ps3. Your fuking stupid.

theKiller3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

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ozhuerta3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

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SpecialSauce3706d ago

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Montrealien3706d ago

you guys really need to take you sticks out of your ass and stop showing pp you care so much, lol. Go play video games.

joevfx3705d ago

ok the game does look good but are you kidding me? only on the 360? Like they couldnt make this game like 50 times better on the PC? gimme a break ,its just the unreal 3 engine its nothing new.

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