Stories: The Path of Destinies (Ps4) - Otaku Gamers UK

"Stories: The Path of Destinies is an action-RPG set in a colourful fairytale universe. The main draw of the game is the choice filled narrative that can take all manner of directions depending on the players choice. There's also the small detail of it being powered by Unreal 4, Something a little rare so far on consoles. Does it do enough to ensure its destiny lies in your game library? Let's take a look..."

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Kurisu2696d ago

That Fox totally looks like a grown up Kingsley from PS1 days.


Stories: The Path of Destinies Review - AbsoluteXbox

Andy writes: "Stories: The Path of Destinies is not the typical RPG adventure that you would expect, there is a novel replayable story concept woven into a very good game."

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Fist4achin1632d ago

This game looks pretty cool. Since nobody seems to give it much attention, maybe it should have been released on all the consoles.


Stories: The Path of Destinies (XB1) Review | ZTGD

Ken goes on a journey with Reynardo in his latest review.


Stories: The Path of Destinies Review – Xbox One - ThisGenGaming

TGG says: "I can’t speak highly enough of Stories: The Path of Destinies. All I wanted to do after I finished each story was start another one to see what different choices I could make and different worlds they would take me to."

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