The Crowded Toys To Life Market Cut Its Weakest Link in Disney Infinity, Yet amiibo Should Be Safe

Nintendo Life: Disney may be one of the most powerful brands and wealthy corporations in the world, with numerous companies and divisions under its ownership, but it evidently won't tolerate a struggling product. While Nintendo will keep a system like the Wii U, for example, slowly ticking along until its natural demise in the market, products like Disney Infinity simply get canned, with the unfortunate loss of jobs and secondary livelihoods (figure manufacturers and distributors, for example) that come with it.

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gamer78042078d ago

the problem wasn't that Disney Infinity was making sales or not, Disney just wanted out of the creation business for games, all they want to do now is license their games out.

wonderfulmonkeyman2078d ago

I don't understand WHY that is, though.
It's not like DI was a drastic drain on their resources, right?

LOL_WUT2078d ago

I'm actually glad this happened. I hope this bad trend ends soon. These companies need to worry about making games instead of toys. ;)

Also i'm sad to say I own one, but that's because it was bundled with The Twilight Princess HD

gamer78042077d ago

@LOL_WUT you are glad people lost their jobs and families who enjoyed playing toys to life video games based on disney franchises (disney, star wars marvel etc) no longer will be able to get new adventures?... nice.

rjason122077d ago

@lolwut video games are toys too lol.

XisThatKid2070d ago

Everyone is just ok with the falsehood in the title? "...Weakest Link.."?

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