New visual experience to be revealed at CES

From composite cables, to S-Video to the current HD standards, console gaming has continued to improve it's video presentation, resulting in more immersive and realistic gameplay with each new generation of gaming system. This visual experience may be headed to a whole new level...

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Caxtus7505239d ago

.... wow....

i was wrong abut the gaming future artcle lol. Although lets face it, cmon! health risks??? lol itl make you ill! guranteed!

calderra5238d ago

Oh wow- another retarded VR helmet. Welcome to the 80s, folks. zOMG TEH FUTUREZ!1!!

BoneMagnus5238d ago

If the Wii is all about getting together with friends in front of the TV, this is about isolation.

I see this as one(albeit tiny) step toward Total Recall - where video entertainment is inevitably headed.

Your great, great grandkids will have a HD implanted in their brain that holds massive amounts of info and triggers your brain into seeing, smelling, feeling, etc...ever had the dream where you feel that you are falling and you FEEL it? Just like that.