Naughty Dog: After Uncharted, Return to Crash Bandicoot

Naughty Dog should go back to one of its first hit classics - Crash Bandicoot. Which games in the series should they go back to?

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-Foxtrot2938d ago

It would be nice. They have two teams now so if one does something realistic like the Last of Us while the second does fun, colourful platforming games then it could work and help keep each release feel fresh.

Hell you could incorporate a Crash Bash styled multiplayer to Crash if they wanted.

Austin482938d ago

U lost me at multiplayer lol.

-Foxtrot2938d ago

Obviously not played Crash Bash. Its not a shooting game, just a collection of mini games. Online would be fantastic

naruga2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

@ Austin ..agreed..@foxtrot wut? Crash bash had no relation in quality with its previous entries ..it was a bit fun but mediocre game generally

-Foxtrot2938d ago


What? Crash Bash was great. Not like the others but fun

battlegrog2938d ago

Dude Crash bash was very fun. Had pretty similar elements to mario kart.

DarkOcelet2938d ago


Crash Bash was amazing. I cant believe people hated that game. This was my most played Crash game ever even though i loved every other Crash game on PS1 more than it.

Davi1232932d ago


Mario Kart? I think you are confusing Crash CRT with Crash Bash.

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JEECE2938d ago

I was under the impression that with all the shakeup that happened during 2014-2015ish (Amy Henning and all those people leaving), they had moved away from the two team structure. Hopefully I am wrong though and they already have a team knee deep in a new IP or Last of Us 2.

2937d ago
deaddragonz2937d ago

I wad under the impression they moved back to a single team after Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us too.

zeuanimals2937d ago

They only have two teams when their workload allows it. And I'm pretty sure it's not like they have equal amounts of devs on each game. The first people to stop working on Uncharted 3 to work on TLOU instead were probably the creatives while the people working on tech were wrapping up Uncharted. Right now, I don't think they have another directing team to work on a new game like they did when Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond were there, but I don't actually know the team's structure, so maybe they could. But I doubt we're gonna get a game in 2 years like we did between Uncharted 3 and TLOU. Development for the PS4 seems like a different beast.

scark922938d ago

Am I the only person here who enjoyed Crash Bash? haha

I agree, it is about time a new Crash comes out and if anyone can make it good, it is ND

DaDrunkenJester2938d ago

I hope they go back to colorful games... I like UC because it was a fun game, but they added too much TLoU in UC4 and I didn't like it.

Sparta072938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

@ jester, 10 million people disagree with you. And that's just TLOU sales.

Do troll every Sony article? My lord man take a break

Sparta072938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Let ND do a new ip now that they finished with uncharted. Crash could be made by another studio. ND ain't going back to crash, they moved on.

OrangePowerz2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

I think they have outgrown Crash Bandicoot. As much fun as Crash is, for ND that would be a side project because if you change a lot it's not really crash anymore and to keep it like it is with updated graphics could be done by another studio.

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Herbalistic2938d ago

ND aren't into creating games like Crash anymore

Thatguy-3102938d ago

I agree. They've outgrown those type of games. Don't necessarily think they want to either.

TRS_Gear2938d ago

This was my exact thoughts when clicking on this article.

ND is now in the business of making epic masterpieces. A game like crash would be greatly under-utilizing their talents and expertise.

While I have always loved Crash games, you can't exactly say it was because of the bone chilling story telling.

Imalwaysright2938d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Why can't platformers be epic masterpieces?

garrettbobbyferguson2938d ago

"Business of making epic masterpieces"

Did you imply the Crash series isn't amazing? Please. Crash Bandicoot > generic action adventure game.

Utalkin2me2937d ago

Wow, thats kind of being short sighted. It's obvious anything ND does they do it well and best to their ability. So creating a Crash, would by far be better off in their hands then letting some other Dev do it. They would make sure the reboot was done properly and fits the new generation of platforming and more then likely add story telling in a manner such as Ratchet in clank.

Davi1232932d ago

Looks like you don't believe very much in their talent and expertise.

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DaDrunkenJester2938d ago

And that bums me out... I'm not liking that they are going all serious tone now. I didn't like what they did in UC4, Uncharted us to be fun...

OrangePowerz2938d ago

I don't really think the tone is that different. All previous UC games had plenty of more serious portions. There are still a lot of fun parts in the game that make me laugh.

Picnic2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

UC4 is fun when the sun is shining in a level, which is quite a lot of them.

Imalwaysright2938d ago

True and Sony doesn't own the IP.

Testfire2938d ago

It would be a serious waste of talent if ND made another cartoon style game. With masterpieces like TLOU and Uncharted people really want them to do a Crash or J & D game? Let another Sony studio do those, besides the talent at ND isn't geared towards those games anymore.