Ninja Gaiden II Breaks One Million Barrier

Microsoft Game Studios and Tecmo jointly announced today that Ryu Hayabusa's latest hour, Ninja Gaiden II, has sold over one million copies worldwide in a span of just a little over two months.

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Omega43705d ago

Seems like every 360 exclusive sells at least a million regardless of its score, and this game was deemed a flop by sony fans lol

shotputking3705d ago

deemed a flop by people who didn't play it? why does that matter? i'm glad to see it's selling so well, it's a truly great game.

kevnb3705d ago

reviews mean nothing, nobody cares what reviewers think except the reviewers themselves. For some reason alot of people who comment here think that these reviews matter, ask yourself something... do you care what scores cds and movies get?

plain rice3705d ago

Yeah like how some of you Xbox fans call Heavenly Sword a flop.

Fanboy Fart3705d ago

What does HS have to do with this thread?

SaiyanFury3705d ago

I'm a Sony fan and I'm playing this game right now. I bought it shortly after it was released and I love it. I don't call it a flop, I call it a triumph of challenging gameplay.

plain rice3705d ago

It's because Heavenly Sword was "deemed a flop" by the 360 fanboys even though it sold well past a million copies. Omega is making it seem as if only Sony fans do this.

tordavis3705d ago

I'm sorry but Sony fans gave HS more hate than 360 users. It's still one of my favorite PS3 games to date. I'm replaying it right now. Hopefully I can beat NG2 this weekend!

Killjoy30003705d ago

Pretty much every big name exclusive published by one of the console manufacturers will sell a lot of copies, Omega. Don't act like Sony or Nintendo can't do the same, ok?

360 man3705d ago


heavenly sword wasnt a flop dat was one of the games i was considering in gettin a ps3 for

HS and killzone 2

Panthers3705d ago

Shouldnt a Ninja Gaiden game sold more than 1 million by now? It was one of the only big exclusives for 360 this year. Still, good job.

Nemo883705d ago

@ Kenb

Thats funny. Im pretty sure MICROSOFT cares about review scores with Don Mattrick your chief: "360 has the best games ACCORDING TO METACRITIC... most games rated over 90% blabla".

Its pathetic 360 fanboys who ALWAYS bring up metacritic having the most "AAA" games as a reason why 360 kicks Sony @ss. I have always said thats a pathetic measurement.

Also, considering how many fanboys said NG2 was guna beat MGS4, and MGS4 did over a million IN A WEEK, back in June, when NG2 came out-- 1m worldwide by august is nothing to shout about.

clintos593705d ago

U sure about that? I dont recall PDZ or Kameo selling a million copies.

Also Sony's Resistance a launch title sold almost 3 million copies. Pretty impressive for a launch game.

None the less 1 million is impressive for any NG game. Ninja Gaiden Sigma sold pretty well aswell for a rehashed game team ninja has been milking the first NG game. I think around 600 to 700 thousand copies if im not mistaken. I am sure if NG2 was on the ps3 it would have sold over a million copies aswell since it was a knew title.

hazeblaze3705d ago

Wow! Lol, I thought it would have surely sold a million WORLDWIDE the same month it was released at least... I could see if this was just U.S., or Europe alone... but worldwide... that's almost embarrassing.

GiantEnemyCrab3705d ago

hazeblaze you need to look at actual sales numbers for PS3 titles if you want a nice dose of REALITY of how games don't reach a million as fast as you seem to think. 1 million for any game is awesome and considering a niche game like NG2 has been out for 3 months and sold over a million is excellent.

Omega: I was going to ask the same thing? Where are all the loudmouths who called this game a flop over and over? If anyone needs a reminder I can paste in some of the threads. Some real choice flop comments, oh and don't forget the Itagaki interviews where many spewed how much of a failure the game was.


sonarus3705d ago

I think this is just like the way namco announced soul calibur already sold 2 million when in reality they meant shipped 2 million. Actual sales for SC are like 1 million.

I have absolutely no clue actual sales for NG but i am willing to bet that its not 1 million. Hate it or love it but thats the reality of the situation without any fanboy flavoring

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Fanboy Fart3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I'm glad to see this game did well. This game is just plain fun and that's what games are suppose to be, nothing more.

- Edit

@ Below

I guess I'm a hardcore gamer then. BTW you must be pretty bad at it, because i didn't die that much. ;)

chrisnick3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

man are u out of ur mind? series is for the hardcore of hardcore gamers me ppl...if ur sensitive and u don't like dying in humiliating and mind boggling ways.....DO NOT BUY THIS GAME....joking(im just mad cuz im stuck halfway through it on very hard..... fuccking alma....that b!tch.) .....great game tho.

dachiefsman3705d ago

ALMA is from the first Ninja Gaiden. LOL. NG II is twice as hard as NG.

chrisnick3705d ago

..................nevermind... .just call me......MR.SENSITIVE then.

GameOn3705d ago

If you get stuck take a break for 15-30 mins. I think it allows you to clear you mind and get your ninja composure back. It pretty much always worked for me.

ape0073705d ago

ng games have great taste of difficulty

just hope for ng 3 based on a new engine :)

okcomputer3705d ago

lol ninja composure.. bubbles for that one. I needed the laugh.

MiloGarret3705d ago

Or just play it on acolyte... Hey, if my gf can finish it dying less than 15 times, then most people can too!

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ToastyMcNibbles3705d ago

speaking of ninja gaiden 2 im craving some damn socom already!

InMyOpinion3705d ago

What does Socom have to do with Ninja Gaiden?

GameOn3705d ago

Wheres the Tick, ToastMan?
Great toon by the way.

ape0073705d ago

socom,oh my I hate this game(my opinion)

graw and r6v kicks it's ass

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SyphonFilter3705d ago

1 mil is not impressive these days,especially world wide.

zethos563705d ago

1 mil is definitely an achievement. This game selling one mil means that atleast 1/20th of 360 players own it. That's pretty cool.

RadientFlux3705d ago

well in either case breaking the 1 million barrier often means the publisher making money off the game, so it's still an important barrier

tordavis3705d ago

Hmmm...largest installed base this gen is 30mil. I'd say 1mil sold is quite the achievement. Now 1mil sold on the PS2 is nothing to cheer about considering it's installed base.

chrisnick3705d ago

oh wait...oops.....thought that said sigma....nevermind.

GameOn3705d ago

Isn't NG Black the best so far. I mean Sigma has better graphics than Black but I have heard that bits were cut out.

Any way, yeah great game but NG2 easily has the best combat.
The NG series is basically a must have.

I'm a big NG fan so if you disagree, tell me why.

Lost_My_600_Dollar3705d ago

STFU Nasim

On topic

this game was pretty damn good for me. certainly, a nice addition to the xbox360 library

Dyingduck3705d ago

LMAO, didn't MGS4 (released months after) already reaching 4millions sold?

Xbots, consider yourself 4x owned.

KBDuB3705d ago

Didn't MGS4 reach the Bargain Bin, only after a few months?

Duck, consider yourself.. just plain owned.

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