Not even kings are safe in Warhammer Online's PVP Combat

via, Tom Chick writes:

"No matter how much butt you kick in World of Warcraft's PvP, you're never going to storm Ogrimmar with your Alliance character. Your Uruk-hai in Lord of the Rings Online is never going to bust out of the Ettenmoors to rampage through Rivendell's Last Homely House and slay Gandalf. You simply can't do it, my friend. Player vs. player combat in massively multiplayer online games tends to be carefully controlled and often shunted off into some sort of battlegrounds instance where it won't mess with the static world at large.

Warhammer Online is having none of that. Nowhere is off limits. Presumably, the forces of Order and Destruction can terrorize each other by capturing even the most distant starting area, shutting players out of their own cities. What's more, they can even capture, imprison, and Lynndie England each other's kings:

Q: Are you still planning to let us capture the enemy king? Which penalties apply to a faction without king? Which bonus for the winning side?

A: Once an enemies [sic] King has been defeated in battle, he will be sent to the invaders' home city, where all who choose to mock and taunt the King will have their opportunity to do so.

Sadly, I'll probably never be uber enough (i.e. waste...spend enough time) to take part in the game at this high a level. But I love reading about how this sort of thing is supposed to work. Mythic community coordinator James Nichols explains it here."

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Ghoul3755d ago

i cant wait for this game :D

only 2 weeks til my col ed's arrive :)

kurruptor3755d ago

You can kill the opposite faction's city leaders in WoW, so I don't know what this guy is talking about.

You can't capture them, but you can kill them.

LossTheEarthbreaker3755d ago

Author is perpetuating his misinformed ignorance.

I've personally raided every single Horde city in WoW as a Draenei Paladin, succeeding in killing all the city leaders except the one(s) in Undercity.

You simply CAN do it, my friend.

Motion3755d ago

I haven't played wow in a while, but I (and many other members of the horde) definitely stormed ironforge. Not sure we successfully killed the king, but it does crash the server for some reason (Archimonde).

Baka-akaB3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

yeah but frankly it got no real feeling nor interest . It isnt the same as an event with many things organized around it like WAR at least promises .

In wow its just a bunch of vandals forcing the door and killing a npc ... hardly the feeling of an epic war siege , and probably less of a challenge once in front of say Thrall . Something even (the imo average besides its gorgeous look) Lineage 2 did better than WoW .

Baba19063753d ago

the differnce is that in war there is a point on doing this. in wow it was just kill for fun, and the fun was not as fun as it should be couse of the servers.
the rvr in war is much much more interesting than the itemsfarming pvp in wow. i have seen, i have done , i know.

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Lionsguard3755d ago

Yes you can kill the other faction leader but it barely effects the world. Kill Bronzebeard but Ironforge will function as it always does. WoW is a static world no matter what you do in the game it will always remain static. Gnomeregan will always be irradiated and Plaguelands will always be plagued.