Guitar Hero ll Xbox 360 Bundle Shot

Like everyone else out there I cannot wait for this game. I still wish we had that Wireless controller. While there still isn't a release date this is still a sign that we are getting closer.

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Mikey_Gee5440d ago (Edited 5440d ago )

I thought the controller was switched to be wireless ?? I really hope it is. But if it is not .. oh well ... this game is still a MUST for me.
Here is the Red Octane link that has the unveiling of the wireless guitar:

Actual Guitar:

I know the article talks about the PS2, but why would they not be able to do it with the 360?? Only reason I see is if MS does not allow them in on the proprietary method to get access to the 360's wireless function.

I hope they get some killer multiplayer action happening as well. I have had cash set aside just for this game for a looooong time now.