EA Price Drops!

EA is dropping a ton of game prices starting January 5th.

See the full list after the jump...

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MicroGamer5446d ago

but lots of 360 drops. Now tell me someone who hasn't bought a system yet isn't going to look at the prices of identical EA games that look identical on both systems, and not want to buy a 360.

FordGTGuy5446d ago

I geuss I have a reason to pick up FNR 3 again and also LOTR!

shikwan5445d ago

They lost me as a customer. Their games just aren't worth the headache.

MicroGamer5445d ago

but FNR3, LOTR, and Battlefield 2 at $29.99 are going to be hard not to buy.

Ravenator5295445d ago

When you make a billion dollars selling games, you can drop the prices a little quicker.

And all of you who say EA sucks, wait until "Army of Two" hits the shelves!

Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with what they do in certain cases (especially with the 360 marketplace) but they do still make some pretty good games.

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