High Voltage Software aiming for a March release for The Conduit

High Voltage Software put out a press release in June. Included in the release was a launch window for The Conduit - Q1 2009. However, it looks like the specific month has been narrowed down for the game's launch window. When Gamereactor asked when The Conduit is scheduled to launch, Eric Nofsinger noted that the team is "looking at a March release of next year" for the game.

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TheColbertinator3704d ago

Good timing.Resident Evil 5 will be taking the attention of 360/PS3 owners during March so that time zone is good for Wii owners.

jtucker783703d ago

But it's also coming right after Killzone 2...

When the Conduit TV adverts are aired the camera shots had better dwell on the people playing using a Wii-mote a lot longer than it spends displaying game footage!

RadientFlux3704d ago

good news, I'm glad they were able to find a publisher. While I no longer own a Wii the engine they created is pretty impressive.

ChickeyCantor3704d ago

Lot's of publishers wanted a contract with them, they just didn't wanted one yet.

Voiceofreason3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

This is a clear case of why you listen to the developer and not a bunch of sites dedicated to trashing anything coming to Wii. They stated long ago they didnt want a publisher til the game was finshed, of course mags like Gamepro and Game informer knew this but stated other wise on many occasions trying to kill any hype for the game by making it sound like nobody wanted it on Wii at all.

ChickeyCantor3704d ago

I serioulsy wonder who the moron is that disagreed with me?
Go read their interviews they do NOT want a publisher because they will interfere with the development. They wanted a publisher until its almost done and ready for launch.

TheColbertinator3704d ago

Don't worry about the disagree bandit,Sidar.

Bubble +1 for you and Voice of Reason

RadientFlux3704d ago

I didn't know that thanks for letting me know sidar, I also used to be fan of reboot

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kesvalk3704d ago

this is one of the game i want to try it out...

hope it's not a hypemonster... like some games out there that is a crap, like red steel...

ChickeyCantor3704d ago

Come on, Redsteel was the first to take the Wii-mote as a FPS controller. Yes the sowrdfighting are horrible but for a launch title the Gun fights were pretty fun.

(yes there was so much wrong with the game but what do you expect, they had little time, it was a rushed game).

For a launch title i actually enjoyed Redsteel( aside from the lame voice acting and Sword fighting system)

IzKyD13313704d ago

I wonder whos publishing it, ofcourse Nintendo would show no support for this game seeing as how its violent...come on Nintendo, publish some M rated games for once

ChickeyCantor3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Dude, stop with the ignorance.
If that's true how come Nintendo supports Disaster:Day of crisis...a Mature game? They are going to publish that game.

Nintendo even Invited HVS to PAX to showcase Their Nintendo-Wii game.

jay23704d ago

I hope my Wii isn't dust by then.

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