Ferrari Challenge out now, Trophy patch in September

While Ferrari Challenge may not be getting the attention of say, Gran Turismo, it will offer a ton of PS3-exclusive features once a v2 patch releases in September. The patch will not only add Trophies, but it will also add custom soundtrack support, a Photo Mode to save images to the hard drive, and heck -- an improvement to the game's framerate to boot.

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TheColbertinator5569d ago

I will keep an eye on this game.Custom soundtracks will be a bonus

CViper5569d ago

The graphics are meh for a FERRARI brand game, and It should have been released on the 360 as well. I dont see how they can think they will compete with GT5?

I'll gladly buy though if it has wheel support & Trophies.

Cinos1235569d ago

I hate when people say stuff like that "I dont see how they can think they will compete with GT5" If devs thought like that there would only be one racing game, GT.


Now here's an idea - game loyalty rewarded with cheaper sequels

GamesRadar writes: "System 3 is rewarding existing owners of Ferrari Challenge on PS3 by reducing the cost of its sequel, Ferrari: The Race Experience for its release on PSN tomorrow. It's not a massive reduction in price, as fans get it for £9.99 instead of £11.99, but a lot of companies would do well to follow their example."

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SuperStrokey11234800d ago

Sounds like a great idea, doesnt have to be a huge difference but anything is always appreciated. Only issue i see with this is that you can only really do this with DLC type games that are tied to an account.

Cyrus3654800d ago

yeah i'm surprised companies haven't done so, like even a 5 dollar discount if you got last year madden (With access code or something) or last year call of duty.

kevin360uk4800d ago

lol i dont know whats happening with this game, first its release date was 29/09, then delayed by 1 week and today its still not released

monkey nuts4800d ago

Er yes it fella. Its been on since I got home from work. (UK Resident) Theres even a trial version for ps plus subscribers.


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Ferrari Challenge - New screenshots and artwork from the DLC

System 3 published new screenshots and artwork from the DLC of Ferrari Challenge that will arrive in May. Check them out.

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