What Is The DVD Forum Doing With HD DVD, Gaming Perhaps?

That Gaming Site goes into a in depth dissection of various DVD Forum mandates regarding HD DVD. They discuss the possibility of the format being used for gaming and why the format is unable to return has a movie format.

Hit the jump and give feedback, remember it is purely speculation, it could be completely wrong or not far from the truth. It is just presenting information released by the DVD forum regarding the format.

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Overr8ed3703d ago

Beating a dead cat isnt going to bring it back to life.

Elven63703d ago

Sony beat a dead cat, it was called "beta max", ever heard of it?

"The last Sony Betamax was produced in 2002."

I believe Beta Max was also tinkered with in a similar manner and used for recording video on cameras.

YoMeViet3703d ago

hey atleast beta max was useful to the movie industry

Elven63703d ago

Well if you are replying to my last sentence then you are wrong since it was used by news stations and such. If you are talking about sales then again your wrong, when Beta Max quit their market share was less then 7.5%, HD DVD's was around 25%ish wasn't it?

If your talking about something else then feel free to correct me.

pwnsause3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Betamax died on retail, but it was widely used in Tv stations and the movie industry. no spin on that one folks. My step uncle worked as a News Anchor outside the country. He brought me in to his TV station and i saw a format that was supposed to be dead still become widely used in the media for recordings and such, which was the betamax. He told me it was standard for every TV station to carry it back at the time. this happened sometime in 2003 though.

Elven63703d ago

Yea and it was all thanks to Sony "beating a dead cat".

Pain3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Blu-ray Won stfu already.

and @tool above beta max only Sucked and died "in The US" main stream Media distribution ie VHS won cuz of the pervs who bought it for cheap Porn.

But.... its "was" used in the Movie industry over 'easy to produce low quality format' ie VHS.

and....Ever been to japan? it was Beta ftw. to bad your a kid so its to hard to grasp...and what old Xbot account where you? droid? or just some other idiot?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3703d ago

...Oh er erm Maybe not!!! ;-D

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vgn243703d ago

Hidden in all of that is the concept that future Blu ray players will be able to read HD-DVD discs. Basically meaning all those poor souls stuck with stacks of drink coasters may get to watch those discs again.

You'd hope the forum would let this die though. Continuing to set regulations on HD DVD authoring only prolongs it's death. Let the format disappear gracefully and be done. It's over. It is not coming back.

Elven63703d ago

The closest people will get to the return of HD DVD in the movie industry is CH DVD, aka CBHD which is 90% HD DVD and 10% Communist. :)

mikeslemonade3703d ago

I hate hd-dvd extremist. They never give up do they? Just say mercy and buy blu-ray.

ruibing3703d ago

I highly doubt HD-DVD is going to be used for games since no console has it built-in. Even if MS introduces it, they will be alienating almost all of their user base, even more severely than when they put Vista only labels on new PC games.

Sitdown3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Hd dvds and hd dvd players did not malfunction and stop working because bluray won out. When bluray won I purchased an hd dvd player......cause for $50 I got a relatively cheap upscaling dvd player.....and you can find hd dvds for relatively cheap.....and it is even better when you get a cheap dual format disc.

Elven63703d ago

@mikeslemonade: You seem frightened by the possibility of the next Xbox having a HD DVD player, why?

@ruibing: I assume you didn't read the article

AAACE53703d ago

HD-dvd is alive and well, and living in antartica!!!

Just kidding... These stories need to end, just let it go and move on to the next thing!

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spoon3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I think i know what ther tryin to do. they are trying to dig ther "grave" deepr and deepr and make a massive pit that looks like a sess pit so they can dump all the HDVD's in

they cant beat sony at the format war, cant beat ther t.v's, cant beat ther consuls, cant beat ther m0biles

so ther gonna beat them at creating the most amount of sh1t ever dumped in one massiv grave

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