No Force Feedback For PS3 Racing Wheels Either

This really shouldn't come as a surprise, but a gentle (kick in the nuts) reminder that there will absolutely be no force feedback, anwyhere, on the PlayStation 3. None. Zero. Forever. Using your expensive Logitech Gran Turismo racing wheel will feel like your guiding your Ferrari through a sea of buttered pillows, stacked on a cloud.

Sony confirmed that force feedback is forever dead on the PS3 to 1UP this afternoon:

"All PS3 games are programmed for the SIXAXIS which doesn't have force feedback, therefore the force feedback in the wheels won't be recognized."

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BIadestarX5236d ago

There you have it people. No Motion Sensitive nor force feedback. The results? Back to the stone age when the first Racing wheel was made. I can't to hear Sony fanboys say there is no need for force feedback on racing wheels.

original seed5236d ago

and its awesome. I cant wait to get an offroad game so i can really feel the dirt.

NextGen24Gamer5236d ago

I can honestly say this sucks....And I think its the first time I have ever said anything pertaining to the ps3 sucks....but folks...this sucks....After playing racing games on the xbox 360 with the wireless force feedback wheel...I can't imagine playing a racing game without it. MS has spoiled us gamers with the best racing wheel ever created. Many before it had force feedback tech built in....but not the actual force feedback motor....and let me tell you....Its changes the racing experience....I play PGR3 and Need for Speed Carbon every day since I have bought the wireless wheel....There are a few racing games I wanted for the ps3...but no rumble or force feedback in a next gen racing wheel for the ps3....That sucks...Sony...WTF man....As a ps3 owner....I'm very very very dissappointed....GT5...Formula 1...Motorstorm....No force feedback? So the only place to play next gen racing games with True Force Feedback is the xbox 360....WOW...and Forza 2 will lead the way....Big boo boo sony....Bigger than you know...

testerg355236d ago

Sony fans will say this is a minor thing... wonder if I'll be able to tilt the steering wheel like the sixaxis :)

TheMART5236d ago


I didn't even think about this one when Sony talked about their controllers. Motion Sensing for controllers, well it still sucks to miss rumble BUT

To have no Force Feedback in a racing wheel simply is too stupid to be true. They rather then make no racing wheel at all.

Did anyone mention the superb MS Force Feedback racing wheel for the 360 already? :)

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The story is too old to be commented.