DCUO: My Ongoing Adventure as an Online Superhero (Part 2)

Adam from XBA says: "Last week we published Part One of our ongoing series of my time with DC Ultimate Online. It's not a revew per se, but more of an ongoing diary of my extended time with the game. These articles will have review like qualities, with my likes and dislikes of the gameplay (e.g. mechanics, controls, etc.) but we are not going to assign a score, but just speak about my time with it."

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JohnnyXeo943d ago

On my list to play when I get a chance

xfiles2099943d ago

LOL this game is great but been there done that for several years Xbox users looking for any scraps

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan942d ago

LOL....looking for scraps. Really dude? The developer went mutliplatform, and the chance for Xbox Owners is here. Why you gotta try to rain down on their parade?