GamesRadar: Ultimate Developer Battle

GamesRadar writes:

"We're all familiar with the concept of the character battle. Make-believe videogame people and/or things pitted against each other in an arbitrarily determined battle for victory. It's fanciful nonsense, which is why GamesRadar has already hosted the imaginary character battle to end all imaginary character battles. We settled all those non-existent virtual scores that never needed to be settled in the first place, so that's the end of it.

Now, though, we're taking the ridiculousness nature of fantasy fighting to the next plateau of stupid. This time it's the turn of developers to duke it out, dust it up and do each other over like blood-hungry gladiatorial champions. We've taken 16 of the industry's best-known, best-respected and most beautiful developers and smashed them head-to-head in an entirely make-believe orgy of violence. Let the fighting begin!"

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