Ipod like PSP Touch Screen

GameXtract writes "Not too long ago a video was released in which a PSP user managed to modify this PSP to respond to a tablet pen by simply touching the surface of the screen. Now it seems other touch modification are sprouting out all over the place, and today we have yet another one. This modification is a bit different in the sense that it uses actual movements of the fingers, and emulates a Ipod like interface. Some viewers are calling it fake while other seem to believe, but regardless its a cool modification to watch. Currently all the user seems to do is flick back and forth, but with some more work I'm sure he can put together a full out copy of the Ipod interface. After that it's just a matter of time until Apple kicks down his door, and takes his PSP. Video after the jump!"

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joydestroy3703d ago

that's the best touch screen mod i've seen yet for the PSP.
this is what will actually persuade me more to buy the new one once it comes out. now all it needs is internal memory :/

Young Puzzle3703d ago

PSP with touch screen and dual analog nubs FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

SL1M DADDY3703d ago

A PSP with dual thumb sticks, touch screen and internal memory would be the cats meow. The iTouch is the slickest thing at the moment but the PSP-touch would be tits.