New Blu-Ray Movie Can Only Be Played On PS3

A major disk glitch has occured with one of the latest Blu-Ray movie releases. The acclaimed horror film The Descent was recently released in the new next-gen format but will only work on the Playstation 3 Blu-Ray player. A blank screen is shown when attempting to play the movie on regular Sony and Pioneer Blu-Ray movie players. According to a story at the reason is that the movie's distributor, Lionsgate, used BD-Java technology to handle The Descent's picture-in-picture commentary feature. Sony will apparently issue an update to its player that will fix the problem later this year; there is no word on when the Pioneer Blu-Ray disk player will be able to be fixed.

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BIadestarX5245d ago

I dought it. You are going to tell me that they mass produced this movie without testing it on a stand alone blu-ray drive? Sounds to me like Sony wants to stab other hardware manufacturers by buying the better blu-ray player (PS3) that play blu-ray movies better (Quality), play more movies and is cheaper.

Marriot VP5245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

only a guy with an eye patch could be behind something like this.

Voodoochild5244d ago

Watched it last weekend on my PS3. It is a great movie.

grifter0245242d ago

hey does the movie look good on high definition I cant wait to see a good horror movie in hd was it scarier then in the movies or what.INFO!