Bombshell of NVISION08: SLI goes native on Intel X58

"NVIDIA has always been known for having a strong marketing team and the relative success of NVIDIA's first hosted trade show is evidence of that. Apparently though the NVIDIA team was scrambling to come off the show with some hard news that would excite the core gamers and in a last minute move to save the opportunity of having hundreds of press at your disposal, NVIDIA dropped a bomb shell of a news story on us at the 11th hour."

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seraph pinion3701d ago

That's not a bombshell. When the Republican party nominates Chong for prez, THAT'LL be a bombshell.

Samer3053701d ago

This is a bombshell in the pc world. Personally I am super happy now. There will be SLI with the best processor no more dated chipsets.

TheIneffableBob3701d ago


This is huge.
I thought that SLI would never hit Intel chipsets due to all the disputes between NVIDIA and Intel.

FantasyStar3701d ago

Sounds like Nvidia is throwing its hands up and saying "We give up on the Chipset race!"