Naughty Dog: Beloved By Many but Not By Me

Many love the games Naughty Dog puts out, but there is just something about them that doesn’t tickle my fancy.

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shinrock2938d ago

In before the nuclear explosion.

naruga2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

i partly agree with the article , i consider Crash series and 1st Jak&D their best games ...Uncharted although very enjoyable games never absorbed me completely but they leave you always with a sweet memory ..Last of Us was a bit better with more interesting chars and true survival horror gameplay..in the plethora of mediocre and plain games ,at least Uncharted games had always some quality standards and never fall below "good game" category

Aloy-Boyfriend2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

So this piece is all about platforming nostalgia then... Naughty Dog was never this succesful before.

I have no preference. I love all their games, from lighthearted platforming to more realistic experiences

What people don't realize is that if ND had stuck with Platfomers, they would be in the same bad position that Nintendo is today againts more devs with bigger and more ambitious games.

I like to see my fav developers grow and take risk. The Last of Us is Naughty Dog's best game yet, and no platforming nostagia will change that

I can't personally undertand why some don't appreciate Uncharted and TLOU and keep asking ND to go back to platformers. Let other devs do the platformers. ND found its style and genre, and from there they have been exceeding themselves with every game.

I couldn't be happier of alll they have achieved until now. Meanwhile, other devs keep stuck with their same shit unable to move on

amiga-man2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

This could be said about any studio, Naughty Dog creations are a labour of love, with no stone unturned in making their products the best they can be, whether you can apprieciatte their games or not there is no denying they are one the most talented studios out there, As you say their games are loved by many and are a major reason to own a Playstation.

jb2272938d ago

I mean when you honestly think about it, isn't a game like Uncharted just a slightly different version of something like Jak & Daxter or Crash? You have the high adventure, you have the unique locales, you have the platforming focus, and now you have the vehicle type detours. All it really does is add puzzles, story & gunplay, and UC4 has actively held back a lot of gunplay in favor of more pure adventuring.

I honestly think 3d platformers didn't necessarily leave, they just got rolled into games like Uncharted (of which there are far too few for my tastes) and had other game mechanics plugged in so they didn't feel quite as one note.

That said I would like to see the reverse happen, I think I would be cool with Naughty Dog doing a new J&D if they could actually add more Uncharted into it. It could essentially allow for a similar gameplay type with more freedom than ever before in crazy unique environmental designs and cool gameplay variety.

At the end of the day though, I dug those mascots when I was younger as fun experiences, but as an adult, I appreciate being able to play a game that keeps that fun while also adding emotional weight & complex characterization. It allows me to have a mental & emotional connection to go along w/ that physical one.

game4funz2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Weren't you aware...
Your opinion isn't valid if it isn't in line with what many people here have.

Anything other then praise is looked down upon...
Just want you to know why you and I, most likely soon, have so many disagrees

Regardless I prefer naughty dogs recent games

OutcastMosquito2938d ago

Wow, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your comment. All those dislikes are unsettling indeed.

Vegamyster2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )


"What people don't realize is that if ND had stuck with Platfomers, they would be in the same bad position that Nintendo is today againts more devs with bigger and more ambitious games."

Nintendo's problem isn't their platformers, the 2D/3D & Kart Mario's sell extremely well, people enjoy them and they age extremely well, Spatoon is a recent example of them letting devs making something different & it being a big success. If Naughty dog came out and said Activision is letting them make a new Crash i doubt anybody would be upset, lots of people including myself love those kind of games and i think it would be sweet for ND to make a game like that again with modern technology.

cyberwaffles2938d ago

Dude all their games are good. There's just no way getting around it unless you're a hater.

kevnb2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

same position as Nintendo? Their games sell well even when on a system with virtually no third party support... If Nintendo was able to make games for ps4 at the same quality they are made for their own systems they would be mopping the floor. Can you Imagine Mario maker on ps4 for example? Nobody can do what Nintendo does, people keep trying every now and then but they come nowhere near Nintendo in the genres Nintendo is focused on. (Except maybe okami, that game was a great Zelda type game)

Gol3m2938d ago

I don't get why everyone gets so butt hurt of dislikes. It's an easy way for people to show that they don't agree with your comment without having to type their own repsonse. People need to stop measuring their success on the amount of likes they have on the Internet from people they're never going to meet in the real world

Majister-Ludi2938d ago

I agree with a lot of what he said. The part I whole heartedly disagree with is the cinematic aspect. Many should take note because I love how the camera changes and gives it that cinematic view. Everything else he said is spot on.

nix2937d ago


That's like 70% of PS community. Otherwise everyone who owns PS4 would have picked up UC4. You're not special Mr. Me.

UltraNova2937d ago

Well it was about time for the usual/obligatory 'lets stealth-downplay the latest most critically acclaimed game to increase our clicks' opinion piece...

Color me indifferent.

PS: ND has found its stride and that's mature cinematic adventures. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean they can do fun platforms on the side...

Loadedklip2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

@ XiKurapikaKurta .... "What people don't realize is that if ND had stuck with Platfomers, they would be in the same bad position that Nintendo is today againts more devs with bigger and more ambitious games. "

What do you mean "same bad position as Nintendo? Nintendo is only in a "bad position" because of trying to maintain a console that only they support with little to zero help from third parties. It has nothing to do with them making actual platformers.

As a publisher/developer of true platformers.... Nintendo has always been FAR more successful commercially than Naughty Dog has. Look at Uncharted's sales vs Mario platformers 2D/3D in the last two recent generations both console and portable. It's not even close. Mario sells 5 to 20 million. Mario has MULTIPLE 10 million plus selling platformers. Uncharted has ZERO 10 million plus sellers.

Thus your comparison of Nintendo being in a "bad position" due to them making platformers makes no sense yet somehow you have a lot of likes. Nintendo is indeed in a bad position .... but making platformers is not one of those reasons why they are in that position. Get your facts straight.

Nintendo is in trouble because of them trying to maintain a console with no third party support.
Not because they make platformers.

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notachance2938d ago

lol so many doom and gloom articles about Sony now, people try too hard sometimes.

Aenea2938d ago

And plenty of articles lately of reminiscing about the previous gen's Xbox!

bradleejones2938d ago

@Xikura I couldn't have said it better.

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miyamoto2937d ago

A lot of gamers love Mario, or Halo but many also don't.

Aceman182937d ago

To the author I say

Well isn't that special.

I've a question why did you feel the need to tell us in the first place?

UnHoly_One2937d ago

I loved UC 1 and UC 2. Couldn't get into UC 3 because it had the worst and most boring intro section of any game I've ever played. That whole part where you play as child Nate. Felt like it drug on for hours and then when the real game finally started I just couldn't go on.

I need to force myself through it so I can play UC 4, though.

Never played any of their old stuff, but as for TLOU, I'm that one guy that thought it was garbage. I only finished that game so I couldn't be criticized for only playing half of it. The characters and presentation of the story was spectacular, but the story itself was nothing special and the gameplay was awful.

I just will not ever understand the love for that game, and the more I see people gushing over it being so great the more I hate it.

nosferatuzodd2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

another click bait to get people to his site he even admits it lol boy in america people will do anything for money no hanor in this country

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_082938d ago

And who the hell cares if it doesn't tickle your fancy? jeez, so what?

OB1Biker2938d ago

That's too bad. Haha