Wii has the most original IP, if you can call 20,000 minigames original

The Wii apparently has expanded its original IP base -- to which Carnival Games and Escape From Bug Island belong -- to more than double that of the PlayStation 3. It also has a third more than the Xbox 360. Again, Carnival Games is part of that equation. The report also warned that the Wii could become the most competitive market this holiday season, as the library becomes congested and publishers compete for space.

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BrotherNick5571d ago

20000 minigames ftw! Yeah, I just said it. :P looks like the wii is taking over. Out of the hundreds of minigames, there are some diamonds in the rough. Just don't buy them.

Product5571d ago

Articles like this make me laugh.Also funny how they always bring up Carnival Games.Good thing that game did extremely well or bloggers wouldnt have a poster child to bash about.

Lord_Ash5571d ago

The Wii do have it's share of original IPs that aren't mini games but I have to say the title of this article made me laugh.

GFahim5571d ago

Deadly Creatures
Red Steel 2
The Conduit
de Blob
Castlevania Judgement
King's Story
Disaster DoC
K.O.R.E - looks really nice, platformer
Shaun White
Final Fantasy CC
Monster Lab - looks nice visually, gameplay up in the air
Sonic and the Black Knight
Rune Factory
Cursed Mountain
Swords of Legendia
Arc Rise Fantasia

...and none of them are minigames!


Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Sold 4.3 Million Copies as Dev Team for the Sequel is Being Built

Today CD Projekt announced its financial results for Q3, 2023, including some interesting information about Cyberpunk 2077 and the Witcher franchise.

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Profchaos15h ago

Quite good numbers the DLC is amazing and was in my top 3 gaming experiences this year.

I wonder that attach rate is excluding sales on ps4 and x1 but does that include people who upgraded from PS4 to 5 and xsx etc as the attach rate is likely far lower if you include last gen owners who updated

CrimsonWing6913h ago

Really can’t wait for the sequel. I love the world of Cyberpunk.

JeffGUNZ11h ago

Man, I played this game when it first launched, back then I had a 2080 and was able to play over 60FPs with RT off. I beat it and never played it again. Just got Phantom Liberty and started playing the 2.0 update with a new character and man, it's such an amazing game now. I am also now playing with a 4090 RT maxed and it is absolutely stunning.

Demetrius10h ago

Recently beat cyberpunk, the 2.0 update was on point fasho, the graphics still look.good asf, hopefully in the sequel there's more to do and interiors to explore


The Game Deflators E262 | Video Game Genre Fatigue + Tunic Nintendo Switch Review

This week on the Game Deflators Podcast John and Ryan discuss the PlayStation Portal, Nintendo’s adults only application in Japan, Starfield player base figures and video game genre fatigue.

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Embracer CEO confirms TimeSplitters studio faces closure before Christmas

TimeSplitters studio Free Radical Design faces closure before Christmas, Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors has privately acknowledged.

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Obscure_Observer1d 5h ago

I hope those (selectively) against acquisition of studios are now satisfied.

Nitrowolf21d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

What does this even mean lol, this very studio was formed out of a acquisition (purchase of the IP)

How does that in any way serve towards your comment

Not to mention the layoffs from Embracer

Obscure_Observer1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

"How does that in any way serve towards your comment"

Had Xbox acquired that studio from Embracer before gone, you know N4G would gone riot.

Nitrowolf21d 2h ago

So you're making up scenarios for a studio that was created for the sole purpose of this IP, for console warring?? Where has Xbox ever said they were interested in buying them, and vice versa?

Where's this assumption that they would want to even save them? If that was the case, we would never have any studio closure.

Crows901d 1h ago


Wow...cant even begin to imagine the lengths you take to be so inaccurate.

This studio has barely released anything in the last decade. You think people would've rioted? The contrary. It wouldve been an investment into elevating the studio to be able to bring back timesplitters. I wouldve been grateful.

shinoff21831d 1h ago

He's basically saying ms acquisition is good embracer bad

mastershredder23h ago

^ Obscure observer is denser than lead.
Obscure’s mouth flaps, and a whole lot of stupid comes out every freak’n time.

northpaws22h ago


Don't even try, Obscure_Observer has the special power to make every single news into a "XBox good, PS bad" story, powered by infinite amount of delusion, you can't win.

ocelot076h ago

He just liked to ramble and spout nonsense. Just politily nod and back away slowly.

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Crows901d 1h ago

Tell me how ignorant you are without telling me how ignorant you are.

ChiefofLoliPolice23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Dude Obscure_Observer is a complete idiot. He always and I mean ALWAYS make comments and responses that make no absolutely NO sense. Trying to get that moron to learn anything is like trying to teach calculus to a drywall.

1d 1h ago
-Foxtrot1d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )


People lose their jobs before Christmas


I hope those (selectively) who wonder why you get disagreed to oblivion are now satisfied.

Profchaos19h ago(Edited 19h ago)

Xbox dont want studios they want publishers and all the studios that come with it and this isn't even about them not everything is a Xbox slander piece

ziggyzinfirion14h ago


No offense but I think you seriously need to see a doctor.

shadowknight20312h ago

I'm pretty sure Obscure_Observer gets a kick after each comment he reads that bashes him (Some people are like that). He would stop eventually if people simply stopped replying to him altogether lol. But then, maybe everyone who fuels his behavior also gets a kick out of it too

Mr_cheese10h ago

The ultimate satirical troll of N4G strikes again.

But... but... but.... if xbox.

Behave yourself.

1Victor10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

@obscured:”I hope those (selectively) against acquisition of studios are now satisfied.”

Translation by google translate from Xbox fanboy to reality

“I hope those (selectively) in favor acquisition of studios are now satisfied.”
Well when you eat more than you can chew ether you choke to death or poke out, unfortunately when corporations play monopoly thousands of employees families suffer. 😩