Wii has the most original IP, if you can call 20,000 minigames original

The Wii apparently has expanded its original IP base -- to which Carnival Games and Escape From Bug Island belong -- to more than double that of the PlayStation 3. It also has a third more than the Xbox 360. Again, Carnival Games is part of that equation. The report also warned that the Wii could become the most competitive market this holiday season, as the library becomes congested and publishers compete for space.

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BrotherNick3756d ago

20000 minigames ftw! Yeah, I just said it. :P looks like the wii is taking over. Out of the hundreds of minigames, there are some diamonds in the rough. Just don't buy them.

Product3756d ago

Articles like this make me laugh.Also funny how they always bring up Carnival Games.Good thing that game did extremely well or bloggers wouldnt have a poster child to bash about.

Lord_Ash3756d ago

The Wii do have it's share of original IPs that aren't mini games but I have to say the title of this article made me laugh.

GFahim3756d ago

Deadly Creatures
Red Steel 2
The Conduit
de Blob
Castlevania Judgement
King's Story
Disaster DoC
K.O.R.E - looks really nice, platformer
Shaun White
Final Fantasy CC
Monster Lab - looks nice visually, gameplay up in the air
Sonic and the Black Knight
Rune Factory
Cursed Mountain
Swords of Legendia
Arc Rise Fantasia

...and none of them are minigames!