Would Pirates Have Bought Crysis?

Some argue that piracy isn't terribly detrimental to industries such as music, movies and gaming, because pirates are pirates, and they wouldn't have bought the product anyway.

But Germany-based Crysis developer Crytek doesn't completely agree with that theory.

Asked by Edge if Crysis pirates would have bought the game legally if pirated copies were unavailable, engine business manager Harald Seeley conceded, "Well, clearly not all would have."

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andron3729d ago

They just sponge off us other gamers.

kevnb3729d ago

some people pirate but then buy games they like. King Crimson automatically gets bubbles from me.

tplarkin73729d ago

It's irrelevant if they would have bought it or not.

zagibu3729d ago

Piracy is NOT theft. It is wrong, and hurts the industry, but IT IS NOT THEFT.

I know a lot of rich people who are even PROUD to not own a single regularly purchased game. For them, it's some kind of sport. They brag about their latest "catches" and are completely baffled if you tell them that if everyone acted like they did, no more games would be produced.

Strangely enough, these are the same people that look down on independent software...they only like PROFESSIONAL software, but don't realize that the commercial software they are talking about cannot exist without PAYMENT.

pow3r of t3h c3ll3729d ago

could maybe buy it if they traded all their booty for a PC expensive enough to actually run it!

or they could not be a n00b and just get a much cheaper PS3 instead!

Fanboys are gay3729d ago

comment 1 pirates do buy stuff i buy dl dvd's :D
and if the games were not so overpriced i wouldnt have a problem buying them, bring back the days where a game cost 1-3 pounds

kevnb3729d ago

I remember nes, snes, and n64 games all being more expensive then todays games.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3729d ago

I downloaded a torrent version of the full game Crysis, not because I wanted the game for free, but because I wanted to test out the final product optimization, with the newest Nvidia graphics drivers. I knew fully in advance that if the game ran well, I would buy it. I installed and tested the game that night.

The following morning I got an email from the entertainment software association, in the email it stated my IP was linked to an illegal download of the game "Crysis" bla bla bla bla, please destroy any copies I may have of the game, and delete it from my HDD. A reply that you have done this is mandatory. (not exactly what the email said, but you get the idea...)

Anyway, I emailed them back saying just this one sentence, "The subject matter stated in your email has been permanently removed from my personal computer." The next day an automatic email was sent to me stating that some files may become hidden, and I should double check and make sure the game is completely removed... -_-

Anyway, one week later, with my newly received paycheck, I bought Crysis, like I originally planned...

Bullseye3729d ago

Firstly, try using remote proxies,open DNS and a SSL account. Just a few of the many ways to thwart those invading our privacy!! However,Silentshank, i would like to ask you how the people who sent you an email regarding Crysis, knew of your activities? Personally, i believe they are committing an offence by inspecting or interfering with your internet traffic.Who is the biggest pirate, you for illegal downloads or them for -what should be- illegal interception of your data! Try monitoring your isp's traffic and see if they consider it legal!

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The story is too old to be commented.