Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is "a graphics upgrade from the base game"


"A year ago I sat in a room with a downcast Adam Badowski, studio head of CD Projekt Red, and we talked about The Witcher 3 'graphics downgrade'. He wanted his game to visually knock people's socks off but instead it faced criticism."

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Festano2963d ago

Can't wait to play this on PC.

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R6ex2961d ago

I'll need the GTX 1080.

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Nero21422962d ago

holy crap...
''For example: before, each and every prop had its own texture; this might require another draw-call or so. It impacts performance. But this time around we know we're going to group these things together so you have them representing same texture now, so we're loading less but maximising the quality at the same time''

Gz Cd projekt for discovering how to make texture atlas xd... like most of the commercial engines do it for you

1nsomniac2962d ago

Very strange read, or am I just reading it wrong?

First of all he says almost 90% if all the assets are new & each item is at a far higher detail. Then later on he states that assets are no longer single items & textures but groups of items that are all textured as one item & just copied & pasted. That sounds like it'll get repetitive & an odd design decision.

arkard2962d ago

He's saying if there was a stack of plates before that each plate was a seperate item and a seperate texture. Now if there is a stack of plates the game sees it as a single item and loads it as a single texture. This puts less stress on the game engine and allows for more items


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jznrpg17h ago

I’d rather devs took their time instead of trying to kill themselves trying to meet strict deadlines. Games end up better that way.

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Psychonaut8518h ago

Hells yeah. Would love to see another really tight action focused title next. Be cool if he did something completely different, like a cyborg-ninja game.

Rikimaru-0016h ago

yes, now go and make a new tenchu