Naughty Dog Added A Hilarious Trophy In Uncharted 4 Based On A Reddit Post And E3 Demo Mishap

Find out the origins of this hilarious trophy in the game.

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UltraNova890d ago

Yep nice one, I love it when devs take notice and 'reward' fans like this, this is how you make fans for life.

890d ago
Muzikguy890d ago

That's awesome! I love all these little things that are getting added to games sometimes. Just like.......


when Nate and his wife sit on the couch and play her little game. I thought that was gold right there. I was laughing so much and felt great respect for ND. Good throwback

UltraNova889d ago

Yeah, played that part last night, I was chuckling all the time, nice throwback...I forgot how much reflex you needed in those type of games ;-)

UltraNova889d ago

Huh? Who let the dogs out?

Wallstreet37890d ago

Nice!!!! Haters get to eat crow with a trophy on the side lol

MasterCornholio890d ago

Yeah some of them were trying to convince others that the demo was faked. But that screw up in the beggining proved that it was real time.

MasterCornholio890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

E3 demo mishap?

Hey I saw that happen live!!!

It was so funny seeing the characters stand around for a bit doing nothing. All the while I thought this "Dang its a live demo and not a fake one"

Loved that moment


Got that right. When i first glimpsed the visuals i thought that there was no way it could be real time. But then the controller got disconnected and proved to the world the demo was real time.

The7Reaper890d ago

When I was watching I was like "uhhhhh are you gonna move dude?" Lol

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The story is too old to be commented.