Sony Responds to Reports of Lethargic PS3 Sales

ABC's Jonathan Silverstein has an interesting piece up over on ABC News about the Playstation 3 buying boom. It also touches on our report of the death of the Playstation 3 grey market. But most importantly it gets comments from Sony's own David Karraker on the issue.

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wolfgang5443d ago

I agree with him when he says that the market is big enough, there is no need for just ONE clear winner. We hare lucky to have 3 great consoles.

tackleb0x5443d ago

Not so sure $600 for a console with comparable graphics to the 360 with less features would be considered a great console. Right now its a rip off. Wait a year or 2 for a price drop and (if they dont keep losing them) compelling exclusive games.

If you're in the market for a console right now, a ps3 is a dumb purchase.

Voodoochild5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

I love my 360 much as all of you, but I also love my PS3. You call the PS3 a dumb purchase. That’s your opinion and I respect that, but you should also respect the people who spend there money elsewhere for there entertainment. You just called over a HUNDRED MILLION PS fans dumb and that's not cool. I know that the PS fans can be very passionate about there console sometimes, but it's wrong to call them dumb because of there loyalty.

Mikey_Gee5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

.. took my PS3 and did not even have to leave the store. Had a guy outside five my $1800 cash on the spot for it. He wanted to sell it and make more on ebay.

I will pick up another once the price drops and more games I want (that I can't get on my 360 already) are around.

I have no issue with BOTH consoles being on the market. I do not include the Wii since it is kind of a different NON-HD animal.

Compititions on works in our favour to PUSH DEVS to make KILLER GAMES and try to out-do each other.

Scrumptious5443d ago

"said the market may be big enough that there doesn't need to be a winner -- everyone could win."

This is the kind of qoute one would say when the outlook is grim...

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The story is too old to be commented.