Are People Moving on From The Division?

The Division is in a tough place right now.

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naruga2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

nice ..never again paid-only-multiplayer boring garbages

SolidStoner2992d ago

it means that it is a failure.. it has no single player (not like am a big fan of SP) its just a new game, with empty soul.. it has do some kind of SP introduction (like making people believe the world is real).. this is no Battlefield with big heritage.. people are thrown in a town forced to fight and survive (sounds good actually) in reality it dosnt work.. some people get overpowered easy, some work as a team behind the scene killing everyone.. this game has bad balance, and at times feels like money grabbing.. it is a weird game.. it looks realistic, it had realistic intro and introduction, yet gameplay is bullet sponge (which I personally dislike.. actually more than 1 bullet in HS is a reason enough for me to dislike a game..) thats not the case in this time anyway! game is unfinished...

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Ark_2992d ago

General expression of discontent ... propably aiming at *only-multiplayer* games, that you have to *pay* for and are *boring* and belong to the *garbage*. He propably intents to *never again* buy one of those and comforts himself with the knowledge of a *nice* lesson learned or just wanted to open his rant with a sarcastic statement.

It's highly likely he refers to The Division.
You are welcome ; )

Sociald132992d ago

Whey solid stoner. You're an idiot. Maybe if you just got a mic and teamed up with other players you wouldn't have the issue of getting over powered by players. Oh and stop crying about other players being stronger than others, go learn how to do incursion on challenge it's not that hard and then maybe you'll be able to not being such a winey bitch

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arkard2993d ago

People have been "moving on" a week after it released. But I can't help but feel this is Destiny all over again with the same articles popping up. Only Bungie didn't ban people that used bugs to beat raids.

Christopher2993d ago

The level of migration away from The Division seems to easily outpace that of Destiny, which actually was going strong for two months before any massive drop-off. I think the key reason is that PvP in Destiny wasn't FFA and instead had set goals and the usual KD that people wanted. The Division's PvP just allows griefing and has been exacerbated a ton by glitches and hacking (especially on PC, where it's evident they don't have any system in place for detecting memory adjustments from the user's end).

rdgneoz32993d ago

Besides pvp (which is a pain in Division with all the people abusing glitches to get the best gear or 1 shot people with various bugs), Destiny actually had good end game content in it's raids (right now eh, but at the start it was good). Division atm basically has the horde mode incursion right now. Hard mode isn't too bad, but challenging even with the right gear is over kill (not including the fact that they screwed up elite damage reduction on gear which actually increases damage you get from elites...). The only thing to do really is level up to get the pvp blue prints, which means you have to face off against people that bugged / glitched their way to the best gear (and some using methods to level down to invade the lower brackets).

cyberwaffles2993d ago

The Division's PVP is purely meant for trolling. It was managed terribly. People would play this game called "flash" where everyone would shout "flash" and anyone who asked what it meant would get team killed and go rogue. Its kind of funny with the glitching and stuff but it couldn't be taken seriously as a game mode.

Killa782993d ago

Destiny is still very much populated, it's easy to find people to help out with whatever.

JackBNimble2993d ago

The division is still populated too, I play quite often and I always run into people in the dark zone, I haven't noticed a decrease in population at all.
And how exactly would anyone know how many people are online anyway ? It's not like The Division shows the population at any given time or even the server population , atleast on the ps4 anyway.

I must be missing something because I can't figure out how to check how many are online , which brings up one question .
Where are people getting this information that no one plays anymore ? Just because some of you quit playing that doesn't mean a thing. Besides that it seems people love to hate the division on N4g .

Such click and bate yet so many here fall for the hate train garbage opinion peices.

cyberwaffles2993d ago

Destiny is actually fun. Grinding can get a little old sometimes but Bungie are actually competent developers compared to many of the teams of Ubisoft.

zeal0us2993d ago

Gave up my copy and haven't look back since. Hell the person I gave it to don't even play it anymore and that was three weeks ago.

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holdmyown832993d ago

Nothing wrong with destiny. Carry on

objdadon2992d ago

I put over 1400 hours in destiny before i stopped playing and enjoyed it. I've already stopped playing the division after a month, the division wishes it was destiny.

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donwel2993d ago

Certainly seems that way, though with all of the articles I've seen about the bugs in the game popping up I can't say I'm surprised.

Walter_Official2993d ago

I lost interest even before i beat all the missions. Not once did i feel like i was doing anything differently. But the bugs only helped me confirm my opinion about the game.

Herbalistic2993d ago

I bought the game to play with a friend and really can't force myself to continue playing.

ThePope2993d ago

I played for a month with some good buddies of mine and in truth had a great time. But its so repetitive that I cant keep going.

The thing is you how do you expand on a game based in real life? Sure you can add a subway, or a park, heck even the UN. But those are all basically the same as whats already there. This is a major area Destiny has a leg up with Bungies ability to literally add whatever they want in a sci fi setting.