Worthplaying: Eternal Eden Launches Next Month - Screens

Eternal Eden is completely packed with a large assortment of puzzles, complex riddles, and strategic battles against mythical enemies!

Finally the perfect RPG for casual gamers is made, with gorgeous graphics, and a deep, yet easy to understand storyline that will enthrall gamers for countless hours. Over 20 areas: massive dungeons, incredible palaces, ancient forests, and more! The various threads of this world of enchantment are weaved together with rich atmosphere and an unforgettable music score.

Set out on a journey through two parallel worlds, Light and Dark worlds of Eden, it is possible for players to acquire skills, new weapons and legendary items. Events in one dimension sometimes have an impact on another. All this, plus there are time-travel plot elements!

Eternal Eden is unquestionably set to please old-school enthusiasts that worshiped top-seller series such as Zelda and Final Fantasy!

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