The Witcher 3 to get a new interface – check out the comparison images

With the release of the Blood and Wine expansion on May 31st comes a new update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It will bring, among other things, many changes to the user interface. CD Projekt RED has provided us with some comparison screenshots.

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GhostTurtle2966d ago

Thats whats up! I mean damn, got so used to the old interface that some of the old annoyances didn't really bother me anymore. This is a pretty nice treat.

Takwin2966d ago

After I finish the expansion, I will give this game a full Death March New Game+ playthrough with all the updates and mods since expansion.

wutang4ever2966d ago

Death March N+ ??!!
I'm really scared for you. Must be insanely difficult.

bloodybutcher2966d ago

i am playing tdm on n+. it's not THAT difficult(for now at least), you just have to be more careful and definitely using potions.

nitus102965d ago

Playing the on "Death March" difficulty and IMHO it and "Blood and Broken Bones" are the only two difficulties where you really get to appreciate the mechanics of the game. If you have to change your difficulty on the fly you are not playing the game right but then again no one will know except for yourself.

As for N+ (need to finish the game first) I can't say since I am having a blast playing the game on "Death March" and don't expect to finish anytime soon.

Mr Pumblechook2966d ago

When does this new interface patch launch?

2965d ago
TC7312966d ago

CDPR are so great with the care and support that they give their already-remarkable games.

jorellpogi2966d ago

After UC4, this is my next financial expense. I've finished the HoS two months ago.

Kingdomcome2472966d ago

You're in for two remarkable gaming experiences.

Masterchief_thegoat2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

This is why it won so many goty

Scatpants2966d ago

I'd go as far as giving it GOAT.