New Indiana Jones game confirmed

MCV: PEGI rating passed for handheld game previously assumed dead

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jay23703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Er, good I guess. Give is a ps3/360 verson, then I will be alot happier.

clevernickname3703d ago

Lucasarts confirmed a few months ago that it was still working on an Indiana Jones game despite the cut backs.

Adamalicious3703d ago

I think that was confirmed by some of the people they laid off - right?

clevernickname3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I could be wrong but I thought the information came from someone within Lucasarts. You could be right.

Anyway, I am so looking forward to a new Indiana Jones game. I've been going through withdrawal since "Emperor's Tomb" and while Lego Indiana Jones was fun, it just isn't the same.

jkhan3703d ago

What ever happened to the tech demo they showed way back in 2005/6. They are taking so long in developing those games that they literally loose there WOW factor. I mean the motion cap technology used by Lucas Arts in STFU wowed me a year or two back but now it is a normal fare.