Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 10th May 2016

Neil writes "The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is now in place and whilst last week may have seen a huge number of discounts, this coming week is a much more limited affair. In fact, unless you’re Call of Duty mad, then Xbox 360 owners will struggle to find anything worth checking out. Xbox One owners on the other hand have a couple of titles that are worthy of a purchase.

Let us tell you which are the best and worst deals on the table between the 10th-16th May 2016."

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SegaGamer2079d ago

None of them are worth it. Even with this sale, it's still cheaper to get these games on disc.

barb_wire2079d ago

Oh boy, those CoD games are still ridiculously priced, even with 60% off on the 360.

2079d ago
MasterD9192078d ago

I had a feeling last month's Games with Gold would turn this month's sales and giveaways into complete and utter trash.