It’s Time for Bigger, Better Marvel Games

Anthony Snellings of GamersFTW Writes, "I saw Captain America: Civil War last Thursday. I had no one to go with, so I put on my Captain America t-shirt, picked the earliest showing after work, sat in a packed theater by myself, and ate cheap candy I smuggled in my coat pocket. I love Marvel movies more than your typical eight year old..."

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gepugg1260d ago

The rumoured Spider-Man game might just satiate your Marvel appetite.

joedom1260d ago

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games weren't half bad, but Marvel definitely need to look into making some new good games for solo heroes. I miss the days of Spider-Man 2 and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Yukes1260d ago

I loved the Ultimate Alliance games. Pretty basic really but being able to play as so many superheroes in a dungeon crawler type game was great fun.

KentBlake1260d ago

They could at least release Marvel Heroes 2016 for consoles. That would be a start.

Germany71260d ago

Exactly, really hope it's true that Sucker Punch is making a Spiderman game.

ScorpiusX1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Disney should also get EA to handle The Marvel games , just like that deal for Star Wars between the two.
Best thing it mean multiplat for everyone to enjoy .

jb2271260d ago

Only issue being that most of EA's studios are busy w/ existing EA properties and a metric ton of Star Wars games. Not too many devs left to do a proper Marvel game so it'd end being some low rung second string studio at best.

Bottom line is quality is all that matters. Rather see an amazing exclusive for any of the 3 boxes than another garbage shovelware title that is a multiplat.

ScorpiusX1260d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Yes i would rather see a shovelware title that everyone can enjoy , instead of a box pusher that's exclusive to one group . My point is that these games remain multiplat for everyone to enjoy , if not EA there's Ubisoft and it studios

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The story is too old to be commented.