Sony Shares First Party PS3 Secrets

Executive director Jamil Moledina announces that there will be two different talks during the Game Developers Conference about squeezing the most out of the PS3 during development.

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Scrumptious5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

They have some great secrets to share on how they made that stunning launch software! I thought they would want PS3 games to get better...

I didn't see Microsoft or Nintendo doing seminars on how to make code run on their systems.

SimmoUK5237d ago (Edited 5237d ago )

This is information from Sony's inhouse studios aka the creators of Motorstorm, F1 and GTHD that is great and BIG news! Hopefully we'll all find out why all three of them games look so damn good ;) It's been a fact that all Sony's inhouse studios have been sharing information with eachother for a while to any dedicated article reader on the PS3.

But now for the first time there going to share the classified information with the rest of the DEV community. People are going to learn how well the CELL and RSX really work together the ported games that you are refering to at launch are insignificant at this point or conversation.

Note how the GDC editor's title is Sony Shares First Party Secrets...

big_tim5237d ago

MS has been creating and distributing dev tools for some time now. Its nice to see Sony doing this for 3rd party companies. Definitely good news.

DJ5236d ago

It's not just about how Cell works, or RSX works, it's about how they work together. And showing that kind of information to the public is going to be awesome. Hell, we might even get sneek peaks at upcoming titles. =]

MicroGamer5236d ago

that they should have been providing to all developers for their system, not keeping it secret for only their inhouse development teams to use. If developers don't know how to get the best results from a system, then that system won't get good original content, it will get ports from other systems, if it gets anything, which is not good for hardware sales. Microsoft recognized this with the first XBox, and gives all their developers extensive training and support to make their games look the best they can.

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The story is too old to be commented.