Atomic Gamer Review: Too Human

AG reports:

''Too Human's checkered past is well documented; I even covered it here at AtomicGamer in my hands-on preview. So now that the title's actually in player's hands, I'll skip the history lesson, and sum things up simply by saying Too Human has arrived to high expectations and even some haters. But, flame-wars and drama aside, how does it stack up solely as a AAA, Xbox 360 exclusive? Well, it won't become a system-selling Halo-like juggernaut, but it should still stretch a smile across the face of any gamer that enjoys hacking, slashing, loot collecting, and character customizing. It falls short of greatness in a couple of significant areas. However, these flaws will barely register for those just looking for a fun, fast-paced dungeon crawl.

Of course, its premise is a far cry from the usual medieval fantasy fare; there's no dragons, treasure chests or loin cloths here. No sir, Too Human tweaks the stale action/RPG aesthetic with an ambitious blend of Norse mythology and galaxy, far, far away type stuff. Players take up the role of Baldur, son of Odin-an Aesir God-whose cybernetically enhanced followers are responsible for the protection of all mankind. Taking place in a bleak future, the human race has been whittled down to a few million, living in fear of menacing monster-like machines. In a neat little Beowulf nod, the game opens with an enormous cybernetic troll-named Grendel, of course-tearing through a local tavern where patrons are enjoying brimming steins of mead. In a scene that could give Han Solo and Greedo's cantina showdown a run for its cinematic street cred, Baldur shows up and blasts the baddie's arm off. The scene has style to spare, and effectively sets up the playable protagonist as a card-carrying badass.''

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