Microsoft's Achievement Points Yield 'Nerd Cred'

The concept of Achievement Points and a Gamerscore has become more popular than Microsoft ever imagined. Group Product Manager Aaron Greenberg and Epic Games lead designer CliffyB chime in on why gamers are seemingly obsessed with these points.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5239d ago

appeals to our inner collector. Its a badge of honor. Its many things to many people, all different but the same!

Mikey_Gee5239d ago

I enjoy watching my acheviement points go up, but some folks are crazy with it. My bud MUST GET ALL achievement points he can from every game. I am not knocking him .. hey I wish I had as many as him, but I guess some folks are just not that worried about it ............. but we still love to show off the ones we have.

eques judicii5239d ago

ahh.... crack feels good....

wait... its so cold now.... must play more...

no_more_heroes5239d ago

should extend your playtime with the game. You know how people do idle stuff in games just for personal enjoyment? Well, now you get rewarded for it!!! Brilliant!!! (see guinness commercials).

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The story is too old to be commented.