Uncharted’s Main Theme Song Has Changed a Lot Over the Years

Uncharted's theme song has become one of the most recognizable in video games over the years. Here's how the iconic theme has changed between each game.

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Orejillz1521d ago

Can't wait to play the newest version of this song at midnight.

madsenhayes1521d ago

I always love how the theme plays on the menu. It really gets me into the spirit to play Uncharted.

ShadowKnight1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

The theme music has evolved in Uncharted 4. Honestly I'm really happy with the new version of the theme. Henry Jackman did an incredible job with this one as I'm sure he did with the rest of the game. I kinda feel this really suits the darker tone of the game and I like how it builds up to the more epic tones, it sounds more emotional what its perfect for last Drake's adventure.

madsenhayes1520d ago

I totally agree. It's definitely a shift, but I think it really fits the final game. Both as being darker in tone, and as a farewell to Nathan Drake.