Why Sony and Microsoft Are Right To Experiment With Upgraded Consoles

ScreenCritics explore the other side of the argument - why it's right for Microsoft and Sony to experiment with their Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles

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gangsta_red1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I guess we'll just have to wait and see if it works out. And how far MS/Sony will take it this approach if it works out.

For me personally, if I would have known that in three years both $ony and M$ would be releasing consoles just after three years of their latest I would have definitely held off on buying them.

Here's hoping for full on BC/FC from this point on.

_-EDMIX-_1524d ago

Sorry buddy but even if I knew they are releasing new Platforms in 3 years I'm not just going to spend three years not gaming on a next-generation platforms just to save a few bucks. Why don't you actually seek to get a better job because I could never spend three years not gaming on the latest platform just to save some money you might as well never buy PlayStation 5 you could save some bucks if you get PlayStation 6 right bro?

Also why are you hoping for BC? The damn rumors even state that PlayStation 4.5 is not going to have its own games it's just a stronger PlayStation 4 we're not entering a new generation with its own games buddy relax.

jrshankill1524d ago

It isnt about the price, its about feeling money was wasted on the current "inferior" model.

People who get behind this are the same people who got behind DLC. Look where that got us.

JackBNimble1524d ago

You make yourself sound like you're 12 years old with that comment .

Had I known that Sony was planning this, I would have held off too. Infact I may have just stuck with my PC, atleast then I only have to upgrade my gpu and not the whole system.

Sony wasn't planning far enough ahead this gen, that's why this bs ps4k is happening . I feel like I was mislead .

_-EDMIX-_1524d ago

@Jrk- "It isnt about the price, its about feeling money was wasted on the current "inferior" model" Really?

Is PC not superior to PS4 since day 1?

Also did you not use you're PS4 for the years of its release?

Also, what is actually happening to you're PS4 once PS4.5 releases? This sounds more so like classic butt hurt entitlement as you want to be the "kool kid on the blockz" mentality. What does the company care about you're show off life style? They have no ode to not give others more options to make you emotionally feel better about yourself bud.

So you're mad that others have money and can choose to do with it how they feel just?

Oh....I see...LMFAO!

Get a life bud, get a better job and just shut up. Is PS5 not going to come out? Will that make you're little ego feel um "inferior"? What company do you know of that doesn't make more options for its consumers down the line to make folks like jrshankill not feel um "inferior"? If that was the case, you wouldn't have PS4 bud, why?

Well wouldn't Sony and MS not want to make folks like you not feel "inferior" because you own a PS3 and not a PS4?

Maybe you need to stay in school and learn about the concept of business. Its to make money. They have ZERO ODE to NOT make more options to make you're ego feel inflated.

What business would leave money on the table to justify consumer ego? Buddy, even Lexus and Mercedes make new models every year. Do you cry about that too? Should they just go out of business to make those who bought a Lexus 20 years ago feel GREAT about themselves?

Can you even actually really explain how any business would even find this even relevant to helping them? Are you buying 2 PS4's because they are the same or something? LMFAO!


_-EDMIX-_1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

@Jack- "Had I known that Sony was planning this, I would have held off too" Nope. You would have, thats nice.

I don't wait for consoles to hit Bargain bins before I buy bud, I'm not waiting 3 years to play next generation games just to save a few bucks.

Got a job, thus don't care about poor folk problems and first world issues. Sucks, but gaming is an expensive hobby bud, that is like getting mad that AMD or Nvida release new GPUs every few years.

Where they suppose to not make money to make you're ego feel better?

Maybe you better actually just learn how the real world works bud. Whats funny, is I'm likely not even getting a PS4.5. Even when PS5 releases and we all know PS5.5 will likely come out......I'm still getting PS5..DAY 1.

My money, my choice. You don't NEED to have a game console bud. Optional. If you have so little funds that you must wait YEARS to get the better version, maybe you need to actually look into getting a better job.

Crying over PS4.5 is pretty irrelevant to what you're real issue might be. Those that can afford such things, don't even see this as some HUGE DEAL. Its always those that have very little, that seem to love this ego emo driven keeping up with the jones life style. I don't complain about new versions or new models of things.....why?

Because if you can't afford the new model, why did you even buy the last? What did you even think was going to happen after you bought it anyway? Oh the company was NEVER going to revise it, never going to upgrade the sku, NEVER going to make a slim or never going to release PS5?

Buddy...might be the stupidest thing I've heard in a while and I don't get its relevance to you as a consumer. The product you are buying was and still is to play this generations games, I'm pretty sure Sony nor MS or anything NEVER promised that you would obtain extra joy by you're little ego based on them never ever making anything to top it to make you feel great about yourself.

What does someone else getting better have to do with you? Did PC gamers not have better the day PS4 and XONE released? You mad at them too?

LOL Jack be like "grrrrrrrrrrrr damn them and their free will and jobs" lol

gangsta_red1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )


"Sorry buddy but even if I knew..."

Why are you sorry? That's good that YOU would have still spent YOUR money on what YOU wanted. The problem you seem to have is you think that anything that you do or personally feel applies to everyone and that is just not how any thing works buddy, 'ol chap and pal.

"Why don't you actually seek to get a better job because I could never spend three years not gaming..."

Lol, edmix has all of life's answers wrapped up in the neatest burrito ever. When you spend your life in a single room in-law apartment with a P.O. Box address without any grown folks responsibility, able to spend that paper route money on that cool light up neon blue PC then I agree, you could spend that extra income on gaming without a care...buddy, friend, cool guy.

Why does it feel like your comments are always aimed at something non-related and just to show how completely asinine you are? I don't give two f**ks and a purple shit how long you would spend not gaming and the only one that needs to relax is you and your constant overblown comments that make zero sense. I mean seriously, where did I even say I would have held off on the consoles just to save a few dollars?

_-EDMIX-_1523d ago

@G-Red- You're whole post is pretty much OT, thus....don't really care.

The issue is an emotional, childish one. It is not of a logical one. Its why you and you're buddy Jack are having a pretty hard time building an objective and logical argument against this.

It isn't you're product, its not you're company, they never stated they would NEVER release any updated sku and not having others get a better option was never a bullet point on the box of PS4.

Try harder bud, you're basically tearing up and emotionally posting to avoid actually having a real logical conversion.

The are just to release what ever they feel, it is their product and their company and once again, I see zero example of any other company basically choosing not to make money, to inflate egos of launch day buyers.

We will get PS5, are you upset about that? We will get PS6? Does that make you're ego feel lessor? Do you not get that the goal of the company is to make money, not actually lose money to make you feel better about being the only person with the product? lol The point is to sell the most, not least.

Try adding some logic to you're argument bud, not emotional BS, grow up. I've yet to see folks picketing in the streets over the new Lexus 2017 series lol

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Lennoxb631524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

All this complaining and the consoles are still going to sell out minutes after being able to preorder them.

oof461524d ago

The positives outweigh the negatives, but that's just my opinion.

Letthewookiewin1524d ago

I'm all for updated consoles. By the time they actually release it will have been 3 years. And if someone is against the idea then keep what you have, you can play the same games.

fenome1524d ago

Exactly, it's just like when they release slim models and then price drop the older ones except with the added benefits of improved performance as well...

_-EDMIX-_1524d ago

Their right to give an option to Consumers that want something more powerful.

They're also correct to start spending money on better gpus to drive down the price as the more they drive down the price of these better gpus the cheaper PlayStation 5 and Xbox next GPU is going to cost them I think it's a great idea for the entire community.

I'd rather Sony sell a lot of 4-tflop Playstation four's in drive down the cost overall this generation then continue to just sell 1.8 teraflop Playstation 4s only driving on the cost of that GPU particularly I think it's a great idea for all.

JackBNimble1524d ago

What options are you talking about? I wasn't given an option , no one told me about the ps4k.
This was not an option for anyone who bought a ps4 before any info about the ps4k leaked out.

You can bend over for Sony all you want, but there is no justifying this. There were no choices , there were no options, so don't feed us your line of bullshit.

_-EDMIX-_1524d ago

"I wasn't given an option , no one told me about the ps4k"

Oh so you have to buy PS4k by force? Who is putting the gun to you're head?

PS4K doesn't have its own games, you can either play you're PS4 or buy PS4K. That is the option bud, that isn't by force or anything of the sort.

That is like saying you didn't have the option from PS3 to PS4 because you bought PS3 at launch.

Moot point bud. You have option and free will to buy or not buy. No one is forcing you to do anything you don't want to. Thus...optional.

" but there is no justifying this" ??? Its their company, their product, what are you going to do? Kill them?

Seriously bud. Find some logic in you're comment as this sounds way too emotional and butt hurt to really see as any real issue.

ie boo hoo Lexus didn't give me the option of a 2017 IS when I got the 2016 IS LMFAO!

But did you die? Stand back, better hold a press conference for JackBNimble everyone, he is getting SALTY AF! lol. Grow up bud, no one really cares that much and it sounds like those who are emotionally hurt, are basically upset others get an option at a better platform years later. Did you buy it thinking they where NEVER EVER revamping the platform in the future? Did you get mad as PS3 owner, that PS4 exist? OH but they didn't give you an option as "no one told me about the ps4". Can't you just say this EVERY GEN ABOUT ANYTHING?

Buddy....don't buy PS5 at launch if you want PS5.5 that badly. I own a launch PS4 and I'm not even caring bud.

Yet you....tears lol

Don't even buy PS5.5 as "no one told me about the PS6" thus its best to wait then, THAT is when the real bargain is bro! /s