Crysis Warhead: Crytek comments on RAM requirements

Crytek says Warhead will not require 4 GiByte RAM. 2 GiByte will be sufficient.

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seriously crysis just felt like a rushed tech demo to me. nothing has made me want to go back and play it. Ill pass on this.

marichuu3703d ago

"But we forgot to mention that the rest of the hardware will require a nuclear reactor to run."

pow3r of t3h c3ll3703d ago

If only PCs had the power of the cell then crysis wouldn't need this ridiculous amount of RAM to run!

Erdrick3703d ago

good thing i've got 4 gigs anyways :p

seriously, for 60 bucks after rebate? 4 gigs of quality ocz ddr2 is nothing.