DICE opens up ever so slightly on Battlefield 1

DICE's Nathalie Ek talks to Gamereactor about playing rock, paper, scissors in The Great War.

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KingIceSonic918d ago

Hopefully this game doesn't end up turning like Star Wars Battlefront. Gorgeous on trailers but boring after a week

Nathan_Hale53918d ago

Plz no. I fully agree. Luckily never bought SWBF2015. Just be playing BF2 on Pc.

cyberwaffles918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

I think the engine is going to set up for Battlefield 5. They will go back to a modern day military setting but with this new engine which is when the hype really kicks in. As cool as WW1 sounds, I think we can all agree the weapons are going to be too dated to be as enjoyable as a modern day setting.

Captain_TomAN94917d ago

We cannot agree on that. I am very excited to use the weapons from WWI instead of playing yet another game where every weapon is some dull automatic rifle that holds 30 rounds.

MasterD919917d ago

Actually, WW1 had some interesting weapons. You'd be surprised.

cyberwaffles917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

@captain and master
Could just as easily be DLC if you ask me. I'd say that both COD and Battlefield developers could release Vietnam/Cold War/WW2 etc DLC packs. Hackers in the modding community do it all the time. Reskinning an engine isn't that difficult.

_-EDMIX-_918d ago

Sorta irrelevant as this isn't being rushed out the door to meet a movie release and its an IP DICE created. Star War's release isn't just the norm for DICE games. They where under lots of constants to get that game out on a certain date.

"boring after a week" really up to you bud, people are still playing BF4.

x800918d ago

If EA is involved with this game you will be disappointed.

Captain_TomAN94917d ago

Yeah because mass Effect, mirrors edge, and the dozens of other games made by them were ALL terrible right?

dogga94917d ago

Seems very much like Battlefield with a WW1 theme, rather than an actual WW1 game.

jriquelme_paraguay917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

i play Battlefield because is... you know... Battlefield.