Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a Mistake, Activision Needs to Re-Evaluate

Infinite Warfare could mean disaster for Activision. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate the shooter series and try to regain some of that trust they lost with fans,

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_LarZen_1522d ago

And still this "mistake" will sell millions on millions of copies. And if history repeats itself millions more then Battlefield 1.

Yes this is a big "mistake" from Activision...

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Arrow22831522d ago

The only reason why their going to sell millions is due to everyone wanting to play Modern Warfare. If you had so much faith in your new product. Why rely on something old and say it's a bonus, when in reality it is a safety net if this game does suck.

danny8181522d ago

mistake? they havent lost anything. Its your opinion. They will go on and sell millions. Its just people on the nets voicing their opinion. Its not a sign of anything.

esmittystud1011522d ago

As much as the fans don't want it and me for that matter, they have to give the green light to Infinate Warfare and try to make some of that investment back. Which, as much hate as its getting, I guarantee it will still be one the best if not the best selling multiplatform game out there. Which every year it usually is. Black Ops 3 has that crown now. People hated Ghosts hated Modern Warfare 3, but they still sold very well for Activision.

Me myself will wait for CoD:4 Remaster to release probably six to nine months after Infinate Warfare. Lord NO, they are not going to say anything now. But they will. Its Activision, they are not passing up on that money. I bet they charge atleast $39.99 for it though.

Dice I'm questioning again though. They are offering an Early Enlister Deluxe Edition for $79.99 for Battlefied 1 that gives you emblem packs, gun packs, battlepacks, ect, and a week early access to there DLC maps when they release. Everyone is now blind to the fact that doesn't include the season pass which will be $49.99 that they haven't annonced yet. Which they will. They have had a season pass every year and I can't see them stopping that. Its not like there not going to release DLC maps. They will, and we know they won't be free.

Paytaa1522d ago

Just wait for a CoD4 code on G2A. There will be plenty. That's how I'm getting mine.

NarooN1522d ago

Same dude. There will be codes for MWR on G2A -- that's how me and my friends will get it lol. Fuck buying IW.

ProLogY1522d ago

When EA is coming out with Titanfall 2, a scifi shooter made by the original team at Infinity Ward.. Making a scifi shooter to compete with it makes perfect sense.

OrangePowerz1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

So is the suggestion to tell the studios to make ganes they might not want to do?

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