Kings Quest: Chapter 3 – Once Upon a Climb Review | TXH

Gareth writes "Here we go again. Where were we? Oh yes….there was an old man telling his grandchild a story of his glory days of when he was a young adventurer looking for…well…adventure. He stumbles across a tournament to become King, which he enters, and after happening upon some dragons, trolls and riding a knight like a horse, he becomes King Graham. Then, bored with being King, he goes out again and gets kidnapped by goblins that hold him as their slave. He has to choose which one of his friends to save and which should die. Then there’s some rope, a slipper, some magic plant growing stuff and the return of a nemesis, all appearing before escaping back to his kingdom. All clear? Good that brings us all up to date and you can now relax."

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