Is Spider-Man Sony’s secret weapon at E3 2016?

Joe from GamersFTW writes: Out of all the superheroes that are out there, Spider-Man is hands down one of the most iconic. It’s impressive that Spider-Man has risen to the top of the Superhero popularity pyramid given society’s universal contempt for spiders and everything related to them; it’s testament to how well-crafted the character has become over the years, and how likeable he is. In fact, everyone will have something that they like that’s associated to Spider-Man; whether it’s his goofy and cocky charm, the iconic theme for his 60’s animated show (which has become prime meme material on the internet), or the “so bad that they’re good” moments of Spider-Man 3.

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snellings2991d ago

What made Spiderman 2 so great was the fluidity of movement. Webslinging is such a unique travel method, and they way SM2 used the shoulder buttons to individually shoot webs and required your web to stick to building made the game fast and fun. The other spiderman games have slacked off in that regard and have been the worse for it. I don't trust many companies to tackle it, but Suckerpunch? *drools*

ApolloTheBoss2991d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Seriously. He could run up walls and jump so high you didn't even have to web swing. Not to mention Pile Driving thugs from the empire state building.

WeAreLegion2990d ago

As great as that was, Web of Shadows had the best mechanics, overall.

PixelOmen2990d ago

I agree, Web of Shadows is super underrated, mechanically at least.

Maple222991d ago

I quite enjoyed Spiderman Noir just because it was something different within the game. I am always dubious of these types of game there is almost too much to draw on and the need to stick with the film iterations of the character rather than anything else. We will see at E3 perhaps...

1noobgamer2991d ago

You know what, I don't think Spider Man is used enough in movies or video games. OK, he has his own movies but he hasn't been in many Marvel films so I think it's a good call for them

KesMonkey2990d ago

"I don't think Spider Man is used enough in movies or video games"


32 Spider-Man games were released between 1989 and 2014. 32 games in 25 years.

DragonDDark2990d ago

Sony has lots of secret weapons at E3

SolidStoner2990d ago

Gran Turismo with VR says hi to everyone! :D

Xavy2990d ago

It has to be good though, hope SP delivers.