Short Pause Podcast #71: CoD Sinks, Battlefield Soars, & Is Nintendo Stumbling Into Irrelevance?

Short Pause: "The fellas combine like Devastator to once again talk the latest and
greatest in the video game industry. Topics this week include Call of Duty:
Infinite Warfare, Battlefield 1, Respawn's new Star Wars game, Mighty No. 9
, Dishonored 2, the future of Nintendo and the NX, and tons more! "

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piccolo9301525d ago

I was not expecting to be as excited for Battlefield 1 as I am. I really thought the reveal trailer for the game was spectacular. I can't wait to hop into one of those biplanes!

TheDude791525d ago

I know I'm in the super small minority here, but I actually think both Battlefield 1 & Infinite Warfare look pretty good. I like that Call of Dufy appears to be hinting at space battles, which is something I've always found appealing. Play, the CoD campaigns are normally really fine (Hoping IW can bounce back after Ghosts). I'm thrilled BF is going all the way back to WWI though. The thought of being on a Zeppelin with friends as we all man turrets and such sounds awesome. I hope the campaign gets some attention, BF3, BF4, and Hardline were terrible in terms of the story. I long for a Bad Company quality tale!

wonderfulmonkeyman1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

In response to the topic header:

CoD Sinks: Yeah, but only because they're making people pay $80 and forcing Infinite Warfare down their throats if they want to get ahold of the remaster of Modern Warfare.

Battlefield Soars: Not really much to brag about, since if they're not that different from each other and BF will also be criticized for uninspired art and gameplay direction, rehashing, and going into a slow downward spiral.
But hey, these two don't really have any competition to make them try harder at their own game yet.
Let's see if someone can make a splash at E3 that will wake these devs up enough to stop taking pot-shots at each others military shooters long enough to try something new and exciting.

Is Nintendo Stumbling Into Irrelevance?
Far from it; people can't seem to shut up about Nintendo lately.
And that will continue to be the case up to, and beyond, the NX's release.
They've been alive for over a hundred years, and no matter how many haters they earn, no one truly forgets Nintendo.
Hell, I'll go the distance and say that it would take even more than the NX failing for Nintendo to become irrelevant.
Their IP's are just too strong and multi-generational/marketable for Nintendo to ever slip entirely into irrelevance.

LOL_WUT1524d ago

Either your'e horrible at FPS's, never played the games, or you have some hidden agenda towards 3rd party developers. You can hate on CoD all you want, but that won't change the fact that this game will go on to sell many PS4's and X1's. Also, have you seen the praise Battlefield got? It may not be cel shaded, colorful and jolly, nor will the guns shootout blobs of paint, but man does the game look amazing! WW1 setting, destruction, and chaos, what more could you ask for? It seems like your hatred toward these games and the genre, in general, could stem from the fact that these titles won't release for the NX.

Skipping E3, refusing to talk about the NX, and having no major releases for the remainder of the year, pretty much sums up Nintendo's relevancy in the console business ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Joke's on you:
I have owned and loved Black Ops 2, I frequently play Vanquish and other shooters to this day, and Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Turok, Doom, and many other shooters were some of my most played games in childhood.
I have plenty of experience and love for shooters and have never been "horrible" at them.

And I don't have an agenda; I'm just willing to point out third party bullshit when I see it.
Like in the case of bad ports. I don't put the blame for bad ports on the shoulders of the console makers; I put that squarely on the developers for either sucking at using the system's capabilities to its fullest, or not making a game from the ground up for the system instead when they realized the game they were trying to put onto a system wasn't going to fit the way they were doing it.

Also, you have absolutely no evidence, NONE, that these titles won't eventually release for the NX.
So nice troll attempt, but troll harder.
To me, this whole response just makes you out to be a CoD/BF fanboy who's nerves got touched.
We're done here.
*Drops mic*