Minecraft: Wii U Edition - Super Mario Mash-Up Pack revealed, retail version out June 17

Today, Nintendo announced that it is partnering with Mojang and Microsoft on a special Super Mario series collaboration with Minecraft.

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Maybay1524d ago

Could you imagine if the Wii U started selling better because of this release? Hypothetically writing of course, though you never know.

I know if this were the case; Nintendo would have egg omelettes on their face :D

wonderfulmonkeyman1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I think that's an egg they'd gladly take, if it sells well enough.XD

Still, though, I find it baffling that Micro and Mojang decided to raise the price of the Wii U version compared to all others.
Seems a bit screwed up to take advantage of Wii U owners like that.

@ Fox
Aside from the Nintendo-themed content, which Nintendo probably paid for, what are they offering that other versions didn't already get?
Also, this game is years late; having DLC standard, at an equal price to other versions, should be a given if they hope to make a large amount of sales out of it.
Again; it feels like they're taking advantage of Wii U owners.

fox791523d ago

Try because of more content read stuff...

LOL_WUT1523d ago

"Again; it feels like they're taking advantage of Wii U owners."

And rightfully so Microsoft is in it to make money. They're a business, not some charity event. ;)

ZeekQuattro1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Might be time for me to buy Minecaft. Only took me 5 years. lol

Stealth20k1523d ago

I would play Minecraft with this