Beyond 1080p: Toshiba talks up higher definition

Beyond 1080p: Toshiba talks up higher definition
Says it's ready to serve up 4K and 8K TVs

Toshiba appeared re-energised at its IFA press conference today with ambitious plans for the future that will finally put the failure of HD DVD behind it.

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beavis4play3701d ago

1080p hasn't even been fully utilized and their talking about higher resolutions? reading this's no wonder why toshiba has had (and will continue to have)problems.

zoydwheeler3701d ago

they're, not THEIR + please make intelligent or informed comments

Perjoss3701d ago

I think you made him mad, shame on you for making a spelling mistake. BTW please consider that some people on the internet do not have english as they're first language.

HighDefinition3701d ago

Toshiba better keep my name out their mouth.


Rhythmattic3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )


It all comes down to Size and your distance from the screen.

Digital based cinemas are now projecting in 2K. Thats 2 K on a HUGE screen.

I actually witnessed Blade Runner (Re-Mastered) in 4K. The Projector (1 of only 4 in the world at the time and brought to Sydney for Two Showings) looked astonishing. And again , on one big MoFo Cinema screen...

4 K in the Loungeroom?

What about investing in tech instead , that reduces the Green house Gas footprint (due to manufacture) , Run more efficiently and makes them affordable as a CRT ?


PopEmUp3701d ago

please take a look at your spelling and then correcting someone else, you're just the same as him lol

quote "english as they're first language." you see this should be "english as [their] first language."

beavis4play3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

you have no room (or right) to criticize anyone. check your previous comments. they're horribly constructed.

and my comment is informed and intelligent. toshiba has already FAILED trying to force hd-dvd onto the market when blu-ray had tremendous backing. now they're going to try and force higher res content on a public that is just now starting to embrace the current hi-def formats (720p, 1080i, 1080p). pleeeeeeeeeease.....think zoy, think.

Perjoss3701d ago

@ PopEmUp

it was an intentional spelling mistake, to show that I don't care about spelling, no one here is applying for a job, its just a a gaming comments thing, so who cares, if it bothers you so much just call the grammar police to come arrest me.

zoydwheeler3701d ago

it should be zoydwheeler's (not zoydwheelers) - to indicate the possessive (genitive) ;)

SaiyanFury3701d ago


You're not kidding. Most people don't even have 1080p sets yet and they're already talking about bumping that up. The funny thing is, 1080p sets are just coming into the price range that can be afforded by the main public. Anything higher would just put the sets out of reach of the buying mainstream. My 1080p DLP is enough for me and I have no plans to change it out for something else.

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thereapersson3701d ago

Why stop at 1080? Before we know it, 720p or even 1080p will become the new "480p" standard, so why not push forward technology-wise?

UltimateIdiot9113701d ago

I don't know if most of Japan are running on HD or not but all I know is that US always seem to lag far behind in making new technology a standard.

SaiyanFury3701d ago

The US lagging behind in technologies is often the result of corporate monopolies. Lack of competition stagnates the industry.

NanoGeekTech3701d ago

..........What type of resolution do we see things around us in? 420p, 510p? 615p?

This is what I propose....make contact lenses that we can see the world in 1080p...or maybe 4kp or 8kp..

Think of it a Sony Bravia 8kp contact lenses....where you see your world in HD...not just your TV...

jspc19893701d ago

in a higher resolution that could ever be put through a screen (obv depending on your eyesight). Why do you think that some of the advertising campaigns for HD say that it is 'like the event in the TV is actually happening right in front of you'. Because they are trying to catch up to real life through your eyes and attempted to get rig of that filmed through a camera look.

Isaac3701d ago

If you wanna overcome your HD-DVD failure, release the BD players instead of trying to salvage whatever you can with your new "ultra-upscaling" DVD technology. I'm not buying another Toshiba format any time soon for HDTV formats that have yet to get content.

SpecialSauce3701d ago

tho im sure ur dog will enjoy it!

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